Incredible T-Shirt Designs!!! Are Your Designs Any Good | Episode 12


Incredible T-Shirt Designs!!! Are Your Designs Any Good | Episode 12

Episode 12 of Are Your Designs Any Good is finally here! It’s crazy to think this marks the 3 month anniversary of creating this show!

I hope you enjoy the designs and critiques. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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My name is Shimmy Morris, I’m currently 25 years old, and I’ve been interested in business since I was 12. I started selling in School; food, drinks, phones, etc… Then I moved onto bigger more expensive items with eBay. I always did side jobs during school as well, like photography, editing, etc.
At age 18 I started Print on Demand, my first business. I was hugely successful in this business and it kickstarted what was to come. I sold over $70k worth of apparel in a very short space of time. I moved into Amazon FBA and creating real scalable brands. My Amazon Business just passed a huge milestone of $500k which is just massive for me!
I started private coaching/consulting a few years ago and I was told I was pretty good at teaching which is what inspired me to start this Youtube channel and create my first course which was an Amazon FBA Course, which now has over 200 students who love it!

A bit about me not business-related. I’m incredibly sporty and love being active… Snowboarding, mountain biking, football, basketball, table tennis, you name it, I probably do it! As well as that, I love photography and specifically travel photography. Above all else, I’m a proper petrolhead and like the occasional electric car too.

That’s me! I’d love to hear about you, this channel is a two-way thing, I love seeing comments and learning about my viewers so feel free to drop it in the comments, or DM me on insta 😀


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  1. Hi there Mr Shimmy! My store link is pawsomeclothing.coI've only recently opened my shop a week back and just started to upload couple listings on it 2 days ago. I hope you can share with me your opinion on it. 😭Like it would be great if you can provide me any tips on how I can improve my marketing strategy. I have two instagram accounts, @catmeowmeme (400plus followers) & (100plus followers). I have paid three accounts to advertise my shop but I haven't been able to make any sales. 😭 I hope you can help me out here.

  2. Hi Shimmy! Yes, please keep doing this series for as long as you are interested in it. I find it useful in thinking about designing and using tags. However, if you hate it (tired of saying "move the designs up"), stop.

  3. Hey Shimmy, I did the Blue CyberGoddess design, it's a bit of a grey area whether you could say It was my design or not, it's based on another image I found, and then modified using DeepStyle Transfer (an AI Technique, where I applied the style from an image of a motorbike engine to the other picture) and the some custom tweaking to that image, then I image traced it in illustrator so I could increase the size of the image without pixelization.. I also did the Duracell bag.. I have had my designs taken down before when they used trademarked stuff [such as using a picture of johnny rotten] , but unfortunately my redbubble account is currently suspended which I believe is because of a "Straight Outta Ciggies" design I uploaded and forgot to mark as Adult Content. I'll try to find the original image I used for the CyberGoddess design so you can compare.. I was really happy to see my design on your channel, I watch all the time 🙂

  4. Hey there. Thanks for the vid.I have a request/ suggestion: based on your POD experience would you be able to also add a comment on designs that you think would not print well on a t-shirt?Like the Soldier Skull design. Outside of the critique with which I agree: do you think this skull with the shading and the gradient, would it actually print well?I think it's another mistake some PODers do with having a design looking brill on a screen and not so much in print.Thanks

  5. doesnt it make sense to have a cake on the belly? Just thinking. But I think I would like it higher up too. Duracell is absolutely Trademarked. I like the style with one color poping. And totally agree on the smoking t-shirt. I would wear it. I think about the "birthday boy" design is available on cards, stickers and notebooks and such so too. it's just you look at the t-shirts. I would also wear the sloth t-shirt! so like me! Not fast but I'm not giving up. Agree completely on the soldiers t-shirt but currently a lot of memes about soldiers and sacrifices and such going on in USA. Also fully agree on the last one even though I love the thought behind the design…. And I'm getting terrified to get you to review my stuff. . . XD

  6. When making shirts remember folks….move it up onto the chest….poor shimmy has to repeat himself on it like every other design….we should be past that already lol….


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