INTERIOR DESIGN | 10 Clever Home HACKS (Part Two)


INTERIOR DESIGN | 10 Clever Home HACKS (Part Two)

If you missed part 1 of my ten home hacks, click here to start watching:

Here are the Ten Home Hacks I Discussed in this Video:
1. Turned My Dining Room into an Office
2. Installed Built-Ins to Maximize Storage Space
3. Closed in an Unnecessary Doorway
4. Updated All the Windows and Doors
5. Expanded the Laundry Room
6. Installed a Laundry Chute
7. Added Wall to Wall, Floor to Ceiling Mirrors in Smaller Bedrooms
8. Maximized Mirrors in Bathrooms
9. Raised Door Heights
10. Designed a Symmetrical Front Door for a WOW First Impression

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  1. Great video – I always learn from watching you Rebecca. Can't wait to see that kitchen remodel – it's been a long time coming. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us.

  2. Love your vids! I'm an alpha male type guy who stumbled upon your vids while still living in my apartment and I realized that I already had an innate knowledge of spacing and odd numbers (I was actually really excited to learn that) and a decent sense of style (although very masculine). I just bought a home a few months ago and signed up to your design studio and got some really awesome tips that I used (like the window treatments to the ceiling and using a mirror for symmetry and wall panels) and my home looks great! Now if I can only be more organized! lol….

  3. You keep your books backwards… Although I love the look a lot (and considering doing the same), I want to know the trick how you find the right book when you need one!

  4. Rebecca, you are a very talented woman, I love love what you had done with the house, and all the Christmas decorations and ideas, just gorgeous every year! and I can’t wait to see what you are going to be doing with whatever house you’ll be buying in Tulsa, BUT I promise you if I win the lottery I will buy your house in San Diego in a flash!

  5. You are an amazing designer. You were truly blessed with talent. Would you mind sharing the paint color in your living room. I just painted my living room and dining room with Sherwin Williams Dover White and it turned out looking yellow. I want a light beige slightly darker than the white trim. Thanks

  6. GENIUS! I love all your vids. And I was dreaming to have someday a beautiful house. Now I'm contented to our small house here in the Philippines. Just fixing and design but low budget

  7. Rebecca, bless you. You just gave me a brilliant idea that I’ve been struggling with. Can’t wait for you to get that locomotive moving in Tulsa. Happy Holidays.

  8. I know you have been busy moving and such (congratulations) and haven't had a lot of videos but MAN I miss them! You are so clever and ingenious. You never cease to amaze me. Keep them coming. (ps – my second favorite video was the Christmas one with your son and his band singing songs – I wonder if there's a CD of that Christmas music for sale)

  9. Thanks Rebecca, I live in Scotland and love this type of video because this is the kind off stuff that’s achieve able to our little family.We admire and adore your class and style.Xx


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