INTERIOR DESIGN | Decorating the Nursery with My Favorite Baby Products


INTERIOR DESIGN | Decorating the Nursery with My Favorite Baby Products

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  1. DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR BABY IN THE HOSPITAL! Don’t let him out of your sight. Day one vaccines have a 1300%+ of give your child autism. Subscribe to Children’s Health Defense, Robert F Kennedy for accurate info about vaccines. My grandson was vaccine injured at 6 months that paralyzed his eye. No shots at birth. Space them out if you must vaccinate Sawyer. MMR at 3 yr old or later. Incidents of autism greatly reduced. Watch the documentaries Vaxxed and Vaxxed 2. Drs and scientists speak out about the dangers. Your baby deserves a well informed mom. You are beautiful and amazing. If you want the best for your baby educate yourself then decide after you have heard both sides of the vaccine issue.💖

  2. Lovely! You look amazing Sharrah! Would love to see you try the washable diapers that have changeable inserts/liners with snaps & no pins! Scout & coat, too cute!!! Best wishes on an easy birth🙏🏼

  3. Try to make sure there's not a seam in the wallpaper near the baby's crib. WHen I was a baby, during nap time, I apparently I tore off a giant section of wallpaper. Mom said I looked so happy!

  4. Very tasteful choices Sharra! I have two boys (4&1.5), and I LOVE my Lilly Jade diaper bag!! I have the Madeline bag in Old English leather tone. They are real leather bags that are beautiful, very functional, and make life easier. They don’t look like diaper bags, have a removable insert, have all 👏 of👏 the👏 pockets👏, easy to clean, and have a BACKPACK STYLE OPTION! GAME CHANGER!! 🙌👏🎉 They are an investment but are 100% worth it. I’ve had many diaper bags and this one has by far been the most durable, practical, low maintenance, and most importantly- the most beautiful! Congratulations!

  5. Bassinet, double zip sleepers, sound machine, burp cloths, and changing table inside your room. You will not be in the nursery at all. I didn’t use my babies nursery until she was 6 months. I would buy formula & nursery water and bottles just to have on hand. You’ll never know when or if you’ll need it. Oh and Tylenol!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing. Everything is gorgeous! One of the items that I absolutely appreciated was a water based gel for my very soar nips. I breast fed and this product was fantastic! I nursed until my baby was 2 1/2. I've never regretted it. The best baby product was this changing mat that had a pouch to store diapers,wipes and other essentials. It was easy to roll up and small enough to carry in my purse. Very convenient. Especially because you are changing baby every 2-3hrs. God bless you.🙏💌👍

  7. A&D Diaper rash ointment and a Diaper Brush applicator-Amazon… my daughter had twin girls and her husband loves the Diaper brush applicator. She tried many different diaper creams (all the popular ones) but the only one that really worked great was A & D! So now I get the ointment and Diaper Paddle thingy for gifts…

  8. So difficult shopping here in England had to post everything to my daughter for her baby boy , her favorites were organic cotton wool weleda calendula baby wash and musical ball that protects stars on the ceiling 💙 only seen my little grand son once in three months due to lockdown hopefully see him soon xxxx

  9. Swing was the best things ever for me. Bouncy/vibrating chair was also great. It was the only way I could get a shower. Bring it into the bathroom and play peekaboo. The bassinet/crib thing is brilliant because baby won’t have to transition to a foreign environment when he outgrows the bassinet. Seriously impressed with that. Buy more mittens. Baby nails are razor sharp and will hurt both you and him!

  10. When my cousin was pregnant with her son, I got her the Baby Mugs VHS. It's a few hours of babies, ECU, cooing and jabbering. It was great in soothing him during difficult times when they were trying to track his many food allergies. She used it to equal success with her subsequent daughters.

  11. I can’t remember the first baby products I got for my own 2 and it wasn’t that long ago as they are 8and 5 but my fav thing to give new babies is a really good baby quilt or a rainbow set of bibbles baby bibs (little bandana style fleeced back they are absolutely brilliant it’s a British company but I’m sure they ship or you’d get something similar world wide) it’s the fleece back keeps baby’s chest dry no matter how much dribbles they create 😁

  12. Yes babies need color! But you won’t ever need the fisher price stuff. Wooden toys are colorful and beautiful!! Anyway. The best thing we got for our baby was the Stokke flexi bathtub. It is foldable, the bottom is flat, and its quite large. 3 years later my baby can still fit in it comfortably and bonus: his toys don’t float out of reach.

  13. It is all going to be adorable.. but PLEASE keep that dog off the babies things.. you do not know if he will be allergic, dogs paws are outside picking up every germ and dirt and then bringing it in the home.. where a baby lays needs to be free of dog..

  14. I don’t even have a baby but… when you were talking about babies needing colour, you should look into kiwico. Looks amazing and will definitely be getting it for when I do have a little one x

  15. My most loved and well used baby products was some kind of carrier. My husband and I both used a stretchy wrap carrier for around the house and for running quick errands when we didn't want to have to bust out the stroller and then transitioned to a structured carrier when he got heavier.

  16. I enjoyed seeing baby Sawyer’s room empty. It gave a feel for the room as is. It was nice to be here for the before tour and I look forward to the after tour of the room once it’s completed!

  17. One of my favorite items that I used with each child was a Mama Bear prenatal heartbeat for the crib. It had a Velcro strap that hooked to side rails so that it never fell against baby possibly causing suffocation. Also on a timer and when turned on helped baby fall asleep faster and calmer because they would hear a recording of mama's internal heart beat. It was a nice hug-able stuffed bear to play with later. So excited for you and all the new firsts that you and Tyler are going to have.

  18. You should check out some Montessori nurseries/toddler rooms. I feel like those go really well with your aesthetic, but they are also really great for early childhood development! You definitely don't need the Fischer Price colour scheme lol


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