Liverpool 1965


Liverpool 1965

music soundtrack removed at the request of the BBC.


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  1. Just had a look at google earth because I've never heard of Aber street or Phoebe Anne street and neither exist anymore, does anyone know where abouts they were?

  2. i was born in 1966 moved out in 1972 we never had a bath or in side toilet thats why we had to move would have been better to modernise split the community up sending them all over the place

  3. they where mainly used if you lived in rooms as the bahrooms wernt to hot , my mum used to take us, cause it was cleaner lol, still remember it lol. also you could do your washing their,

  4. I love this place a lot. great video.
    I lived in Liverpool for 3 years in 2006-09, I used to walk alone around the city, travel end to end with a dayrider in arriva or stagecoach during my final days in liverpool. to see the last glimps before I packed to home INDIA. those last days in the city was tragic, romantic and adventerous. I hope I could come to the city again.
    great video DAV, tell me about urself and about the video.

  5. @DianeMarie5930 …..I would'nt be surprised if there were still houses without bathrooms but not many.
    Mostly in the ealier years upto circa 1950's
    Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed it.


  6. Thanks for the memories! I grew up in Aber st until the age of 13 ish. 55 now but it only seems like yesterday that we were playing footy in the street! Tom. (or Tommy as I was refered to at the time)

  7. btw one of the best nights i had ever was yrs & yrs ago when myself & two friends were trying to find a party in granby (l'pool 8) we got lost & went in to a club there instead…it was quite small, very crowded with great music…we may well have been the only white girls in there & i have no idea what it was called but everyone was really nice to us though think they guessed we had kind of stumbled in to it!!

  8. thanks…

    sorry about even mentioning that you had put 'the blacks' as i should have realised it was just a bit of a slip of the tongue!!

    i hope you enjoy your visit when you do come…i lived away from the city for several yrs so now its like i'm a tourist again in my own hometown which is a little strange esp for my friends & family who think i'm a bit daft as i always want to go down by the albert dock/pier head way just to 'breathe all the city in' as i say LOL

  9. last comment to crackerass01 re the slave trade…i promise!!

    a couple of yrs ago liverpool commemorated the abolition of slavery in 1807. up until then there had been a permanent exhibition of the save trade @ the maritime museum in the albert dock. in 2007 this was expanded to form the new International Slavery Museum also based @ the albert dock.

    sorry had to delete duplicate posts!!

  10. gayunderweather…

    yeah it'd probably have helped if we had been a little nearer to london…somehow i don't think the govt would have taken 20 yrs+ to provide funds to rebuild there..i remember it like this in the early 70's my nan had a pub on the dock rd we used to call them the bombdies…

  11. goes without saying that the city is not proud of its links with the slave trade but it is something we have not tried to deny or shy away from either. it is something we acknowledge….after all…

    as the poet and philosopher George Santayana: "Those
    who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

  12. liverpool played a prominent part in the slave trade as you say b/c liverpool was THE main port serving the atlantic at the time of the slave trade. for the UK. i consider liverpool a multi cultural city & always have done…yes as in most cities most ethnic & minority groups settlled in certain parts of the city but he way you say 'the blacks'??? make me think you have a problem with black ppl yourself…

  13. Hello again davlin2 – is the shot at 0.17 of Everton Road coming from the direction of Grant Gardens? I've only just learned that the Gardens used to be known as the Necropolis, or graveyard. There's a spooky picture of it as it used to be on the inacityliving site! Thanks again for a great video. Kind regards.

  14. Gaskell scrapyard….lol….
    Great to hear you enjoyed vid and the memories it brought back..
    All the footage I had is on youtube.on my page….davlin2

    Best wishes

  15. Great stuff. I too went to Steers Street in 1945-7, swam in Margaret Street Baths and went to a gala there in about 1945 and saw the local butcher, George Stober, pushed in! He had a shop in Everton Road. I also went to Plumpton Street Nursery School. Played in Grant Gardens when it still had a fountain, saw 'Bambi' at the Hippodrome, went to the The Cosy Cinema and lived in Fitzclarence Street. Can anyone tell me where to find pictures of that street? Really enjoyed the video, thanks.


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