Liverpool lockdown | Don’t tell scousers what to do compilation!


Liverpool lockdown | Don’t tell scousers what to do compilation!

Liverpool Lockdown | Don’t tell scousers what to do compilation!

#Liverpool has entered the highest level of #lockdown in England, but gym users and owners have been defying what they see as unjust regulations.


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  1. Contest all fines. They are unlawful. Find a solicitor that can help. Under common law, you're committing no crime. Time to stand up against this fascism. Good luck our friends on the Mersey. See you tomorrow.

  2. Time for new political parties to emerge from the ashes of a post Brexit Britain. These old parties have taken us all for mugs for years. Now it’s time to kick the shit out them by kicking them out of office permanently! For 45 years they have sold us down the river to the EU by signing our country, our freedoms and rights away without our permission! We need a public enquiry into these parties and the lies that they have told the country with each treaty that they signed. Time to start and jail these bastards past and present for their betrayal of the British people!

  3. AT LAST people with a backbone standing up to these morons. So called city leaders and mayors, please take note (and grow a set). Lets set up go fund me pages, to help people getting fined. Lets hope other cities follow our lead!!!

  4. So this is why there is no one enforcing laws to stop parents parking on zig zag / double yellow lines outside schools.Kids actually do die when hit by a vehicle .Stop virtue signalling with the mask.Masks that are not cleaned after every use or not disposed of and replaced once removed are incubators of bacteria and viruses which we all carry around in our mouths.Masks are the new biohazard littering our streets ( what ever happened to hypodermic needles and syringes?)

  5. Survival rate in the UK is over 99.95 percent. Those who are dying are over 70 with average age 82. What can't the people understand? It's time for mass civil disobedience and BOZO has to go. He's opened the borders , refused to name the groomers, French are still fishing, no Brexit at all. A total lying leftard. BOZO must fall.

  6. When did the busies become health and safety inspectors?Where are they getting to train?Couldn't gyms reclassify their business as a training ( educational) facility?Surely the laws are a civil and not criminal so a stern letter would be a more appropriate response ( rather than an armed one)

  7. NOW HERE THIS AlL navy, airforce and arm now include the police, HOW MANY 500k who the f do they think they will control– STOP paying mortgages bank loans every thing it will all colapse in a month

  8. 99.972% survival rate. Masks don't block the virus and lockdowns don't work. Research why this is all being done in the name a flu virus. You are being lied to on a massive scale.

  9. The governments criminalising ordinary people what kind of government threatens people with extortionate fines at a time like this, they’re causing more problems with this virus than the virus itself, maybe this was the real deal once we left the eu just to make up laws in half a day then throws fines at people for not complying, they should be sending one big fk off fine to China for causing all this in my opinion.

  10. It's a crucial point to be made that the so called elite don't have any power if they have no police force or military. It's paramount that those people take a good look at what they are being asked to do and think about their children's future as they do so.

  11. You have NOT COMMITTED A CRIME by keeping your gym open.The Police through Government policies are committing a crime by preventing you doing your job.Everyone has free choice so if that is removed from you that is unlawful by common law.You have not poisoned or made anyone ill so no criminal charges can be brought against you but you can bring criminal charges against the police and government for damaging your business for no reason !!Prisoners and criminals Comply to laws but good people are free to choose. Freedoms denied through an injustice is never acceptable. EVER !!!

  12. There are people like myself who have been warning others against tyranny and what was coming, sadly we are in those times, but what is even sadder is that still a lot of people cannot see it. It's good that some are finally standing up, even if it as a result of their businesses suffering, sometimes it has to hit your pocket first before you realize. This is the time to use logic, not emotions when deciphering what really is going on. Wakey wakey the rest of you. NON COMPLIANCE

  13. Great. It's all a scam. It's all dead from complications of, and not from. No one has died from the virus. They die from the ventilators they're put on. No one dies at home or in the car or at work. Stay out of the hospital if you get the flu.

  14. Write those fines off as tax deductions!!Start a go-fund page (legit! Don't take the piss) for businesses to pay those fines! List payments as made, make links to the info.A new type of love letter to 2020! Stick that in your time capsule

  15. This has never been about a so called "virus". Ask yourself why the media and social media shut down other medical professionals opinions on the scamdemic? Cause there isn't one.

  16. "We the people" must be aware of what is now going on here? We have now with us in every country in the World "The Unholy Trinity ' Government, Media, and Medical Terrorism of the People, all working hand in hand. Now just think about this for a moment? if that's not a conspiracy well Are you getting the message ? lts time to listen to the real doctors not the SPIN Doctors!!! No mandatory vaccine are you listening to politicians on all sides? YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! This is it!!! This is the Evil plan!!! Operation Lockstep:- From the Rockefeller playbook -l st Phase: Create and release a super contagious but low-mortality rate virus. Have the media cause mass hysteria about it by blowing death counts out of proportion by falsifying death certificates, by using pre-contaminated test-kits, double-counting/ testing, and classifying most nonrelated deaths as COVID-19. A lockdown (total of about 3 months slowly extended over time in multiple intervals) wil condition the population to live under draconian measures/restrictions and repeatedly echo that a vaccine is needed. Actively suppress protests and isolate instigators with severe financial4udicial penalties.

  17. Liverpool…..Just ignore the government, open your businesses and without any stupid face masks, people carry on As the OLD normal, everyone do this and what can the stupid imbeciles do ? NOTHING. there's no such thing as covid 19 how can anyone still be asleep ffs wake up as your the problem not the fictitious killer virus.

  18. If the nation stands up to the BS of covid and keeps businesses open then there aren't enough police and government officials to tackle a nation that stands up to the BS. More lives affected not by covid virus but by the draconian handling of the mild case rate virus.

  19. Petition to keep gyms and leisure centres open so far 357,752 signed protect your mental and physical health, because no one else will.

  20. The government have closed small and medium sized businesses. That's their agenda. Shareholder globalist and corporate business is the planned takeover . They're calling it "The great Reset". Money will not flow from the Middle classes to the government anymore. The Middle classes are being dismantled to make way. Money will now flow from the globalists to governments. The governments will be the new Middle. This is the Great reset.

  21. All mainstream media and world leaders are supporting this plan-demic. No other perspective is allowed. Do not believe the media and politicians lies. Let's stand up, fight back, and get our normal lives back! w This hysteria is not about any virus (that we know has never been proven to exist). This about an AGENDA. Nobody would even know about an alleged "new" virus (covidl 9) if they didn't hear about it "on TV". Why do people still believe this c-virus nonsense? This is not how humans are supposed to live. Just use basic logic and common sense. This is a well-orchestrated hoax virus that is part of a worldwide pharmaceutical industry, Bill Gates (the biggest funder of the WHO and CDC), and media agenda to scare the entire world into believing the only solution is mandatory vaccinations. No medical or science degree is needed to know this. Almost EVERY "test ' will be "positive ' for common colds or normal flus because it is part of the planned agenda. Nobody has died or is infected (cases) from covidl 9 (an alleged 'new strand" virus that has NEVER been proven scientifically to exist), and do not allow them to keep you muzzled (masks) like zombies and caged (locked up in your house) for their agenda. The daily, scare-tactic images, reports, theories (e.g. asymptomatic), and statistics of unknown/nameless people are part of the brainwashing. Do notjust blindly believe and comply to all ofthis nonsense. This has gone on too long!

  22. Time for everyone needs to stand up and be counted , just pretend you are a BLM gathering and the police won't touch you ,that lot of Marxist looters can do no wrong it seems !

  23. This whole hoax is part of the long running UN agenda (do the research!!!!!) for 'Sustainable' human depopulation by 90%, an initiative to control & enslave the world. And unless people wake the F up this current abuse will seem like paradise


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