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  1. Can't wait to spend the 1,500 credits on hulk's indestructable Hulk armor or Hulk squared from his indestructable storyline or possible iron man model prime armor or iron man extremis Armor. Oh wait, none of that stuff exists in the marketplace yet. Good thing there are nothing besides re-skins in the marketplace right now. Will help me hold on to my credits.

  2. So far have yet to get a good drop out the rift yet. The fact they push Kate back really doesn't give me the drive to go farming for more gear. At this point i get on collect my daily missions fight the boss fights only & run the rifts once. I even wait until the last minute to do my mega hive. Just Burnt out…

  3. This dude is a idiot at this point they push back the DLC and Kate bishop this nigga says it’s a W WHERE how is that a win? Dude no matter what CD does you gonna fucking eat that shit up huh

  4. I've been complaining about not being able to do any of reigning Supreme step 3 missions bc they won't spawn on my war table, so I wasn't surprised to find out neither do the new rifts. I can't be the only person with these problems, but no one has talked about it, so I guess I just have to give up on this game sadly, but if I can't finish the game or play added content there's no reason to play it, and this issue alone is making me wish I didn't buy it.☹

  5. It's getting better, but I think crystal took advantage of the fact that everybody goes nuts for Avengers. They knew people were gonna play, they just didnt see the player base dropping off a month after release

  6. With the ghost update out and watchdogs legion coming out this month, cyberpunk and miles morales coming out next month. This game is gonna be dead 💀 Deader than dead. I was only holding on and grinding Thor hoping they would release new stuff, the update yesterday wasn’t enough to keep players interested in this game. Every time I play avengers there is always some sort of bug. I think I might take a break and come back later when something actually good happens.

  7. The sad thing about this is that I got the game for both of my systems and I could actually tell the difference between systems ..I kind of timed out on this game ..there are more good games coming out ..I feel when they released this game they had a good window to have fans come in and play this game ..through the bugs and delays on dlc they kind of lost that window ..ghost of tshumia drops dlc today and it’s great also next month cyberpunk 2077 is coming out ..Assassin Creed is coming out ..they really going to lose people …they trying to play us like we stupid or something ..wish all well with this game Good luck

  8. Dude you're excited to get the player campaign that you've already beat that's all it takes for you to spend a $60 on a crap game and be happy well I got a $60 game that you might like

  9. Why can't the hulk pick up cars why can't he pick up tanks why does he get a full combo off on a robot that's itty bitty and it stands there unless it hit him five times before it goes flying come on guys don't be a sucker nobody should buy or play this game until they deliver not promise quit getting excited to be led a stray

  10. All the way up to now we have been ripped off for $60 ir more dollars what we bought was worth about 25 to $30 not a $60 price tag the game was incomplete and yeah sure they're going to give more content in the future but like I said as of right now it is not worth $60 or more I just want my money back I'll rebuy it when it gets better if it ever gets better and kate bishop is not a character I'm looking forward to play with

  11. I'm not gonna lie…. I watch 4 different people who do videos about e Avengers game and you are hands down the best person I've watched as far as content and just the way you present your videos…. Much love my dude keep doin your thing

  12. Love the attitude Crystal Dynamics have. They listen to the community, they give us feedback and publically honoured Chadwick's passing. Now they indirectly told us that the Kate Bishop DLC isn't going to be ready and they're not comfortable releasing it until they're happy with the performance

  13. I hope they bring a mission to fight Loki one his magic and ability to transform into and use anyone's imitate anyone's powers with his own magic would be pretty cool he would be an excellent raid boss

  14. guess they don't test this shit on stadia cause "quality of life" is terrible trying to navigate trough expired objectives that don't go away, hulk skill menu is broken, gear with perks I cant use, etc. almost wish I saved my money for cyberpunk2077 or assassin creed

  15. idk man i tried following this game for as long as i could but at this point they are just disappointing me back to back. i'll probably uninstall it until kate bishop drops because as of right now i feel like square enix is literally just playing with our intelligence. but i wish the best of luck to those of you still brave enough to stick around and play the game until then. yall the real MVP's

  16. I am proud to say I am a Marvel Avenger fanboy I support Square Enix and Crystal dynamic.. Avengers player's give them a chance to fix the game it can be saved I still play it no matter what everybody says

  17. I really hope they have different enemy types when the dlc launches and a new boss character. I hanging with both hands on the ledge, but right now I have very little confidence in their ability to improve the game as there is still no scheduled release dates with the day and the month they are coming out or a scheduled road map. Hopefully I'm wrong by the next war room until then I will enjoy a free to play Genshin impact

  18. If the game was unfinished (for whatever reason) it should have never been released ( just like the Kate dlc delay the same principles should have been applied to the entire game)

  19. This game is and will always be a HUGE DISASTER!!! Extending allot of content until next gen is INSANE! They should’ve just waited for Next Gen if this game is broken how it is.. which it is! By that time I’m sure they’ll jump ship and put this dumpster fire of a game out! He’s soooooo much potential, just poorly executed!

  20. To be complaining about games in 2020 let me remind of something that’s causing them to not work on the game as muchCOVID-19 at least these devs are trying during a damn pandemic they could’ve pulled a EA/BioWare like they did with anthem and say “FUCK YALL YOU GET NOTHING AT ALL”

  21. And as bummed as I am, they did have a bad experience, and Square definitely pushed it out. Thank God it didn't release in April, then it would have been awful. This year was bad enough for everyone, but to have the fires too, that's awful… But who cares about a War Table? lol.. All it's going to do is tell us about something that won't release on time lol. I bet money Wakanda won't come out until 2021….

  22. I'm going to come back to this from time to time, for sure. If they release everything they have planned up to Spidey, I got my money's worth.Protector of the Storm dropped for me on my 2nd Rift, pretty happy about that.


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