Make Your Own Halloween Chocolates! | Spooky Chocolate Lollies, Bark and More!


Make Your Own Halloween Chocolates! | Spooky Chocolate Lollies, Bark and More!

Halloween is soon approaching so why not plan to make your own Halloween chocolate treats! I will share with you the steps to make a variety of fun and tasty Halloween treats that will delight your trick or treaters!

0:00 – Intro
1:15 – Chocolate molds
1:27 – How to form a cornette piping bag
2:46 – How to pipe chocolate into molds
3:24 – How to make chocolate lollies
3:49 – Making two tone chocolates
4:28 – How to make candy filled chocolate skulls
4:53 – Making chocolate covered cookies
5:41- Making chocolate bark
7:07 – Releasing chocolates from molds and packaging

Click on the link here to learn how to crystallize chocolate –

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  1. I like your chocolate😂So many yummy beautiful chocolate! I need to buy this kind of molds! I also like the web you created!🕸🕷🎃Thanks for great Halloween ideas!

  2. They need to make an advent calendar for Halloween so you can fill them with these chocolate treats! They all look so amazing, way to go with the decorating, especially on the skulls and the spider webs!

  3. You are so thoughtful on how you show left and right hand cornette making technique. You are so talented…5:22 thats cool how you fill the mold with the cookie….I don't really bake like you……I love these…I wish I was in the Toronto area…..But I am not…..You are awesome!!

  4. Wow no words to describe this. This could be the best time for you to expose your creativity. I wish I could join you. Honestly I could watch this all day long 😍

  5. What spectacular homemade chocolate Halloween candy I definitely love your PVC molds they’re amazing. Great tip on tapping the mold gently to release all the air bubbles love your chocolate skulls in the spider web design was spectacular

  6. Haha I like the mustache molds. That's cute. Oh the skeletons with casket are really cute too. Like that spider web bark too. These look yummy and so fun! Now I want to make some candies lol.

  7. Nice intro, loved it 🙂 Chocolate covered cookies were my favorites, Loved the idea, looks quite easy! Thanks for the video, it was quite fun to watch 😊


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