MAN CITY VS ARSENAL & EVERTON VS LIVERPOOL! Can Liverpool Create An 8 Point Gap Over Man City?


MAN CITY VS ARSENAL & EVERTON VS LIVERPOOL! Can Liverpool Create An 8 Point Gap Over Man City?

Man City vs Arsenal is an EPL highlight this weekend. Can Manchester City beat Arsenal in this Premier League highlight to climb up the table? Will Mikel Arteta get one over Pep Guardiola for Arsenal vs Man City? Everton vs Liverpool is an EPL highlight this weekend. Can Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool improve vs Everton after an embarrassing 7-2 defeat to Aston Villa in the Premier League. Will Carlo Ancelotti beat Liverpool with Everton and remain top of the Premier League table? Tottenham vs West Ham is an EPL highlight. Will Jose Mourinho play Gareth Bale for Spurs vs West Ham in the Premier League? Can Tottenham beat West Ham and break into the top 4? Newcastle vs Man Utd is an EPL highlight. Is the pressure on Ole Gunna Solskjaer to beat Newcastle with Manchester United in the Premier League? Is Man united lose vs Newcastle, will Solskjaer be sacked as Manchester United manager? Chelsea vs Southampton is an EPL highlight. Can Frank Lampard’s Chelsea continue their form and get their new signings Timo Werner and Kai Havertz firing again in the Premier League for Chelsea vs Southampton.

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  1. Absolutely love this channel, once all this covid goes away I'd love to see them on the big stage with a genuine show on like bbc or itv. These guys produce better content than some of the channels on TV!

  2. Dele Alli was never a technically gifted player so he was never a number 10. He's just a tapin merchant with no killer pass in him. He should've improved his technical ability when he was younger. Now he might end up becoming another Townsend.

  3. you lot are clowns at times, especially scott (apparent united fan but always negative & quick to slag managers) Ole's win rate is 56%, Jose's was 58% at united, but ole's style is more enjoyable to watch and feels more like man united, we fielded the YOUNGEST 11 average last season in the league, NOBODY predicted we'd come 3rd last season but we did (nothing to shout about coming 3rd but it shows we overachieved for what our realistic ambitions are with the team we have got) we were UNBEATEN in the league from January until the 2 recent defeats, NO reason to be talking nonsense about ole needing to go and being a PE teacher (no1 says ANYTHING about lampard who's win rate is 52% so much worse than ole! and poch is a good manager he done a quality job at spurs but even his win rate is worse than ole's as poch's win % at spurs was 54% and he's the one scott wants as manager!) the proper united fans see the good job ole is doing! he's NOT in charge of transfers, the club above him are a JOKE! but Ole is NOT the problem at united!

  4. 48:56 Look at Harry's face when Buvey says Spurs can win the league. Love it, love the content. I would prefer if 90min has some content like what "One football" has. If 90 min extends their programs with segments like scouting reports and analysis of a team or a club in-depth and publishes content regularly they can be the best football channel around.

  5. Chelsea should've had every player available for the the first time on a matchday. Instead we're without Silva and Mendy and possibly Chilwell and Kante not ready to start. It's like we're right back to square 1 with the Hologram in goal again. These internationals were so destructive for club football.

  6. Ye the 10 is dieing bc everyone has to work his ass of like a headless chicken, the more im happy that Ancelotti showed the World you still can have your Wizard, doing his thing whilst Allan and Doucoure do the work for him.

  7. Newcastle 1-1 Manchester United

    Man City 2-1 Arsenal

    Everton 2-2 Liverpool

    Tottenham 1-0 West Ham

    Chelsea 3-2 Southampton

    Sheffield United 1-1 Fulham

    Crystal Palace 1-1 Brighton

    Leicester City 2-1 Aston Villa

    West Brom 0-0 Burnley

    Leeds United 1-1Wolves

  8. So reactionary like you said Ben, if Liverpool won against Villa you would all be sat here saying Liverpool have won the league and the title race is over but because they lost one game in a freak result now all of a sudden Spurs are gonna win the league, Liverpool will have the league won by Christmas.

  9. The Toffs lack the squad depth to go all the way, even without European football. They do, however, have a world-class manager, one of only 5 in the EPL, for the first time in my lifetime. It should be a good campaign for them.


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