Marvel Comics' SHOCKINGLY BAD Captain Marvel Art is from a PUBLISHED Marvel Comic Book?!


Marvel Comics' SHOCKINGLY BAD Captain Marvel Art is from a PUBLISHED Marvel Comic Book?!

Marvel Comics readers are baffled as to why some recent Captain Marvel artwork isn’t in the ballpark of what they’ve come to expect from the former “House of Ideas.” Could cash-strapped Disney be cutting corners on its freelancer budget? And why can’t Marvel get Carol Danvers’ look right in the comics all the way around? Her appearance is wildly different from book to book and she looks more and more androgynous. Then we talk about Brie Larson shilling for Nintendo Switch on YouTube.

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  1. I know they've been making Captain Marvel look more like a man in the comics and pushing really hard to make her the face of the company but HOLY SHIT. People are gonna come to the defense of these "artists" for their work, more so if they're women or not white or not straight, while failing to realise that humans have something called STANDARDS. And this ain't it.

    Let's face it. DC Comics is almost on it's way out and Marvel won't be too far behind.

  2. Oh, so you forgot, that Rob Liefeld was making art for Marvel and wasn't perfect at all too…
    Oh, and I don't want to defend these artworks, but just so you know, that worse artists work in superhero comic industry before. And yeah, those arts of Captain Marvel are really awful.

  3. I started reading comics because the art of green arrow drew me in. I stopped reading comics because the art of green arrow went to shit like this about 8 years ago. The graphic novel Year One was the rare exception .

  4. I can draw way better than this. The problem is the "lets be nice" Brady Bunch "Acceptance" culture.

    I remember how a comic book agent basically told me my work was sh*t in my early 20s. I didn't lose my head.

    I practiced more and got better. Im still not successful (my life got detoured and I became a teacher), but I can say someone saying my work was bad helped a lot.

    These days you have young artists who are like, "Pls be nice, uwu, I is noob."

    They're more likely to cower in insecurity rather than just suck it up and discern which criticism could help them.

    Instead of having an "ILL SHOW YOU" attitude to drive them to actually improve.

    And people coddle them and a lot use "style" as a damn excuse for drawing like turds.

    And yeah lots more noobs are so style focused and it leads to laziness. Study the damn bones and muscles.

    "Because muh issuze"

    F*ck that *hit, push harder.

  5. there are some bad drawn marvel comics even older, read StarBlast I liked it and the art first time around didn't really impression of being bad, I liked the story and reread it dozens of time.

    Went back and looked how it was drawn and some of the aliens where drawn so bad, but still it had a good story and was fun.

    Whoever draw Captain marvel I thought they made a parody and turned her in a pig, the first thing, she got a pig snout.

  6. I think I would rather read any comics outside of Marvel and DC if this is the way they are trying to push things.
    There are some really good ones from Antarctic Press.
    Kamen America for example has a few panels that completely destroys the Woke Ideology of Marvel and DC.


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