Marvel Legends Movie Venom Review and Easy way to give him Pinless Joints!!!


Marvel Legends Movie Venom Review and Easy way to give him Pinless Joints!!!

Thanks for checking out my review of the recently announced Marvel Legends Venom!!!!

If you want to give your Venom pinless joints get this:

If you’d like to buy an Odious head here you go!

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  1. Dude, get on that movie already lol. It is a tad like a B movie, but there is horror elements and it walks kind of up to the R line. But above all it is exactly what it should be and is FUN!!As for the figure, for me it is the fig of the year for Hasbro. We just needed it 2 years ago. The buck will inevitably be reused (this is Hasbro we are talking about), but not quite sure it is appropriate for comic Venom. Reusing that Monster Venom BAF mold for comic venom missed the mark too. Movie Venom is more on the tall and lanky/lean side. We need another brand new buck that is tall and girthy, like a cross between these two figures.

  2. It's awesome to see you get this Venom figure and review it. It's an incredible figure. Hopefully we see it show up on your Top 10 Marvel Legends of 2020. 😀

  3. I prefer movie version action figures. 99% of my action figures are movie versions, I like SH Figuarts and mafex, but sometimes Hasbro nails it. I was waiting for this Venom since the movie came out. I like the fact he doesn't have the spider symbol on his chest. Venom can be his own thing, I'm okay with that.

  4. I did something similar with the Toybiz Venom. I cut off that huge button on his back and filled it in with black Milliput. I'll definitely be picking up that Mouldable Glue though.

  5. hey unparalleled universe that was a very cool video on the hasbro marvel legends movie venom figure from the venompool build a wave figure line i'm going to ask santa clause for that figure for christmas and i'm going to review him one day but i don't have a youtube channel yet from your biggest fan Dylan Twigg.

  6. The biggest shortcoming with this figure is his shoulders. Butterfly joints would’ve been perfect and there’s really no excuse. They did them perfectly on the retro wave Spider-Man so that part just always frustrates me. Still nearly perfect figure

  7. That thumbnail is dope. But this figure is really really cool. I never saw the movie either because it didn’t seem that good to me but I hope we get a comic one on here

  8. Does the mouldable glue not tighten the join to the point where it can’t move. I mean it looks great without the pins but if it cures and then it can’t move then I probably won’t do it. I wanted to know before I go out and buy the glue.

  9. I’m content with the Sony-verse Venom potentially never getting Spidey’s powers and the symbol(actually I quite like the Ultimate Venom-esque design they went for without the Spider symbol, I like it more than I thought I would plus the white veins breaks it up quite well). But I agree with many ppl that we need a comic Venom repaint with this exact body mold, the Hyperion body mold is absolute trash and the comic Venom heads from the past two figures fit in proportion with this body better since the Hyperion body mold was too small for Venom


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