Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2 Super Poseable Toybiz Raimi Tobey Maguire Sony Edited 4K Figure Review


Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2 Super Poseable Toybiz Raimi Tobey Maguire Sony Edited 4K Figure Review

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  1. 3:39 He can pivot his head you just have to turn his neck to the side and put his head back in front and, Voila ! Your SUPER POSABLE Spider-Man 2 action figure has a head pivot !

  2. I used to have this spider-man toy. One time I took it in to my school (I was in 1st grade) and on the end of the day, someone stole it from me. I knew exactly a guy who did it, but teachers didn't listen to me, so i let it be. It was the first thing someone stole from me and I was devastated by that…

  3. Too bad it'll never be 40 or 50 dollars lol. Right now I cant even get a pizza spidey or miles morales space venom baf figure without it being like 60 plus dollars. And those figures are lot newer than a 16 year old one.

  4. This was my first ever Spider-Man action figure, I got the Sandman BAF version, never bothered to finish the wave. For whatever reason I liked to throw him up in the air and one day his left forearm snapped off, I tried gluing it back but it hasn't stayed. Then his right knee joint has torn itself apart so now he has one permanently straight leg, and somehow his upper back broke and I had to glue his neck in place. I'm kicking myself for not taking better care of him cuz I still love him a lot.

  5. my cousin gave the magnetic figure to me since before it was broken by my sister, it was my favourite figure i ever had till now. i put the figure in a wall crawling pose in my air conditioner then my sister pulled it, the hand snapped and years later the figure got so loose the glue on the pelvic area deteriorated and since then i cant find the figure anymore except for the legs and part of his pelvis. i really am trying to find the figure online, so far some luck but price is too high or they sell it as a set or lot with other figures so the price is high too. im still hunting the figure now but before i plan to get it on my birthday on oct 14 but its past now and still havent found it 🙁


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