Marvel Super Heroes Gamplay #5


Marvel Super Heroes Gamplay #5

Four excellent matches of MSH from the folks at Sid and Joker go all out, showing off their expert skills.



  1. @meganandrickys No, it's true. MVC3 kind of fixed this, as you hardly see people pulling off infinites, but these early games were nothing but. I'm a huge MVC fan, so I'm not just hating to hate, but these games were definitely broken, and that's because they were never any updates of patches. SF2 had SF2, SF2: Championship Edition, SF2 Turbo, Super SF2, and Super SF2 Turbo. All of which made the game more balanced then the previous version. This however was released as is, and never tweaked.

  2. @Dreadedaries Rofl, I expected this to be some move that you just suck against, but that is pretty much bullshit. But that's Marvel fighting games for ya.. MVC and MVC2 were just like that. So many infinites that playing online just isn't worth it some time.

  3. @chezzrok which SS ram did u have, mines ran smoother than the psx version, i had both games [my battery died inside my ss then i let someone hold it & never saw it again… big mistake as it WASNT the battery that died, smh]

  4. Because the second player can probably only do such large combos with Iron man. If you watch him play that's all he tries for, over and over. The first player I'm sure is a more rounded player since he changes characters and actually uses a variety of moves.


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