Marvel's Anthem (The Jimquisition)


Marvel's Anthem (The Jimquisition)

Marvel’s Avengers has only been out for a matter of weeks and it’s already going the way of Battleborn, or Evolve, or Anthem, or indeed any other failed “live” game.

The comparisons to Anthem are most apt – a cynically motivated loot-based “AAA” disaster with an embarrassing dip in player numbers soon after launch. It turns out not even the Marvel name can keep players attached to a sinking ship.

Can we finally admit the “live service” gold rush has been like every gold rush? Can we just admit that the few success stories do not outweigh the mountain of failure surrounding them?

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  1. The sad thing is that I had fun with this game. The campaign wasn't terrible. The story was nothing to write home about but fuck me if playing as captain america and making my way towards modok in a well crafted level is fun. Playing as Tony stark fumbling around his mantion trying to cobble together a suit is fun. Imagine if crystal dynamics were just allowed to… you know… MAKE A GAME. JUST MAKE A FUN WELL CRAFTED SINGLE PLAYER GAME.

  2. its fucking hilarious how CRATE devs a small team who made Grim Dawn like 4 years ago still manage to update the game on a pretty constant basis while not asking their players for a dime and made a game that is one of the best arpgs to have ever come and managed to make a better game than a TRIPLE A game dev.

  3. You can’t have a mediocre superhero game after the Batman Arkham games and Spider-Man (and hell, even Infamous) showed the world superhero games can be great and fun.

  4. Currently watching this video. I really love Bleeding Edge. I like the diverse characters, visual aesthetic, and music, but the game literally has no matchmaking in it's queues. And waiting for your party members to be respawned so you can fight against the other team screwed the game up as well. Now it has become another game that people compared to Overwatch (sigh lol) that Microsoft, and the devs have gone silent on. Microsoft has gone through so much money to acquire developers, but Ninja Theory and Bleeding Edge is an example of how the publisher fails to give it's devs and games what it needs to thrive. The game can improve though and I still love it.

  5. I'm one of the suckers who actually likes the game and mourns the wasted potential, but I'm 100% with you on the Spiderman bullshit, I bought the game for PC and I'm still INCENSED at the Spiderman exclusive. I don't even like Spiderman, but I'd even consider buying the PS4 game to get Spiderman into my PC game, that would fix it for me, but it would still be a disgusting and foolish tactic that wastes sales and goodwill

  6. Man, remember when Crystal Dynamics made Tomb Raider Legend? A concise, linear, fun single-player experience with decent action and exploration that never felt like an incredible waste of time? Those were the days

  7. To be honest, Anthem and Avengers wish they had one 10-th of Destiny's player base, as Destiny is still (Destiny 2, but even Destiny 1) very much alive and kicking for 6 years now. Destiny 2 still has around 700k daily players (around 60k on pc) and Destiny 1 still has around 150k daily console players.

  8. It's funny. If this game were basically an Ultimate Alliance co-op beat-em-up, I think it would do quite well, provided it had a decent roster and no looter-shooter mechanics or microtransactions. It's not though. But I could see the unfortunate possibility of that in the gameplay.


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