Marvels Avengers Hawkeye Update Details, Release Date & PS5 Upgrade!


Marvels Avengers Hawkeye Update Details, Release Date & PS5 Upgrade!

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  1. I can’t believe people defend this game, devoid of content just copy and paste missions story mode sucked, loot grind, wish I could refund this game, this game could’ve been good if instead of a looter shooter story based like ultimate alliance, or a third person brawler game, like pvp, like marvel nemesis,but that’s just my opinion, don’t freak out fanboys

  2. If that Kate bishop don't drop in November then this game is dead in the water especially since spider-man miles morales and cyberpunk 2077 there will be no reason to play this anymore

  3. Hey dude, I see lots of videos of you getting multiple Legendaries from end of mission rewards. I have only ever gotten one. Is that based on the power level of the hero, the difficulty, or a combo? Or is it just luck?

  4. 💖💝💝💝If you are reading this comment: BE BLESSED!!! x1,000,000!!! 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  5. I jumped back on the game after the patch came out, found a few bugs while playing but wasn't too bothered but after doing the mega hive for the exotic it didn't drop even though it was supposed to be a guaranteed reward. Anyone else finding this?

  6. Is there a "worst game of the year" award cause this crap should take it. I can't believe I've been hyped for this trash for 3 years, checking for updates almost daily, I'm glad it came out sooner rather than later so I didn't spend even more time being hyped over a game that was never gonna be good, not even if they pushed it back another year. Crystal Dynamics would have just kept living in their bubble, thinking they've created an amazing formula and we'd have gotten almost the same product. Yes some bugs would have been fixed had it been delayed, but the bugs are not what's fundamentally wrong with the game. I'm glad they got a reality check sooner rather than later.

  7. I really celebrate the game but with the way they handle the game and put it out unfinished in my opinion, they did more harm than good to the game. all that comes now is try to save the capsized ship. you have so much potential and you haven't done anything with it. Moving things now doesn't really help. I really hope that you get the curve with the upcoming content, otherwise you can close the chapter Avengers Game

  8. You know if you play test and actually try to balance your game you wont have these botched ass launches stop defending half assed games cuz "they will get better" no be good from the start and get great

  9. Game just needs more content and a variety of mission types and environments, im a massive marvel fan so I'm enjoying the game nomatter what but im sick of playin through the same missions just now priority, doin the same vaults, same gauntlet hive and same villian sectors, also not a fan of the new tachyon rifts. 1 new mission to introduce them, same missions but now tachyon modified and they put a timer in it, timer may not be a problem for most people but I just hate timers in games

  10. The hate on this game is starting to get annoying, like, it’s good, and there’s more here than most love services at launch. I’ve played WoW and Destiny for years, people never learn.

  11. Man, this game is going to die real fast with this kind of news. Most of what I was looking forward to I’m now getting told is all getting delayed, new characters – delayed, PS5 version when I get the console on launch – delayed. All signs that this game is in serious trouble. With this news, my first thoughts were, well I think I’ll now stop playing this. Getting real bored of seeing the same thing when playing.

  12. I can wait for a proper update release. I will say I actually feel like they are working hard to make this game complete. I normally don't with companies but seems they are working quickly


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