Marvel's Avengers: Kate Bishop Live Reactions


Marvel's Avengers: Kate Bishop Live Reactions

Greg’s joined by Fran Mirabella III and Gamespot’s Tamoor Hussain to watch-a-long live as Marvel’s Avengers reveals Kate Bishop! Follow Fran — — and Tam — .


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  1. Marvel is dropping support soon, do not buy this game full price. They always do this when initial sales don’t meet expectations, they pull the license and square enix will no longer develop for it. Same thing happened to marvel vs capcom infinite.

  2. I can’t wait for the content and I think will people will come back. I still love the game and have fun getting better with everyone.

    One thing to note is I think the game is running at 60fls on next gen already. I loaded it up on the series x and everything about the game markedly improved. It was evident at the start menu. The effects are way better and the motion is smoother

  3. The Avengers game always felt good for every character but the Hulk to me. It didn't make sense, to me, for the big, tanky INCREDIBLE HULK to be tossed around like a ragdoll by things smaller than him. Some of the smaller enemies will make him flinch, thus offsetting your big smash attack and screwing you over. He never felt like the Hulk to me. Meanwhile Iron Man, Cap, Thor, Black Widow, they all felt great to me.

  4. The real question is how different is Kate gonna be from Clint. If you notice from the previous trailer, Clint also has a sword and of course his bow so they could end up just being a clone of each other. Hopefully not! Cause I'm really looking forward to using Clint.

  5. This panel wants the game to do too much lol you can't stagger every enemy or whatever is is they want. How easy people want a game to be is annoying. If you stagger everything where is the challenge

  6. This kind of seems like a sponsored ad… You saw yong's video that pc has lost 98% of it's player base so it seems like you aren't actually making content for the majority of people here. This game is DEAD

  7. Watching this game after playing Miles is like you watch Daredevil and then you go watch Arrow. And again Marvel have amazing villains and they chose another robot that a copy past of another heroes, that's top tier recycling.


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