Marvel's Avengers: Reassemble Story Trailer


Marvel's Avengers: Reassemble Story Trailer

Kamala Khan sets out on a journey to Reassemble the Avengers as they each learn what it truly means to be a Super Hero.

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  1. They should bring the X-Men ill take 3 to 4 of them like

    Or Nightcrawler

    I think this story fits xmen so well it will be dope af to see them and play as them on the new gens since they getting ready to make a video game universe they can even bring them to tease a xmen game down the road

  2. Funny, You guys trying so hard to make up for heavy loss, heavy loss of cash AND player base. Instead of posting old trailers drop some new content already . What happened to all your promises… Kate bishop is a start but her AND clint should have been released 2 months ago.. Along with Ng+ and story replayability. I mean, what are you guys doing? People are right, this is another No Mans Sky..

  3. I really love and like to have Marvel's Avengers video-game replay Reassemble story missions so I can see the amazingly different, beautiful, original, and very super new cutscenes that have been rewatchable since I've played the video-game.

  4. I still think choosing Kamala as the main character to reassemble the Avengers was a bad idea…I wish they would have used another Adult Avenger instead..I just feel Kamala is out of place.


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