Marvel's NEW Phase 4 Slate! ALL Marvel 2021 Movies & Shows


Marvel's NEW Phase 4 Slate! ALL Marvel 2021 Movies & Shows

Marvel’s MCU phase 4 slate has shifted around quite about due to projects getting delayed and dates switching. Here is the new updated Marvel Phase 4 lineup with all release dates and updates of production for all the upcoming Marvel movies and Marvel shows that are in Marvels phase 4.

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  1. I know it's been confusing with all the delays and release date changes so here's updated Marvel phase 4 slate for everyone with release dates that we know so far!
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    Twitterr @cosmicwarren13

  2. I am so super super hyped for next year 2021 cause so many Marvel Movies for Phase 4 and Sony Marvel Movies will be coming out next year, I absolutely can't wait to start this all off with WandaVision first.
    My favourite superhero is Captain America.
    My favourite supervillain is Carnage.

  3. Ahhhh, c'mon again with the breast cancer. What if she dies. No more Jane Foster. I really wanna see Jane Foster, Hercules, Beta Ray Bill, Loki Heimdall, Skurge The Executioner, Frigga, and Amora The Enchantress in Thor: Love and Thunder 😠😠😠😠.

  4. Wished that BW could have been scheduled for maybe Feb or MARCH 2021 as soon as after the WV show ends cos seem like May 7 is too long away 😔. And then stream TF&TWS somewhere in April. This would give space for the other MCU releases i.e. how long the movies will stay in theaters.


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