Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered (PS5) – The Mediocre Spider-Matt


Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered (PS5) – The Mediocre Spider-Matt

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  1. Been conflicted on picking up a PS5 out of finance issues and really love the Spider-Man game on the PS4. Seeing Matt web around and seeing how stunning the visual are like the ray tracing and reflection on the windows makes me wanna get it just to go “whoa, I can see my face on a car!” And if I do decide to get the PS5, they’re currently out of stock near me. Closest I seen for sale is $1000 on eBay.

  2. So my understanding of ray-tracing is that it's not just reflections, but lighting in general. Basically it more accurately simulates light, and it affects reflections and refractions as a result, but also just makes everything else look a little bit nicer. But accurate reflections are the easiest and most apparent way to showcase that to people who don't know what ray-tracing is or why they should care.

  3. Spider-man can swing a heavy piece of concrete with his webs, can stop a chopper, a train, but he can't move Fisk… meaning that this guy has a mass so high he should have his own gravity field.

  4. Jesus. That graphics/reytracing mode runs like absolute crap. Watching it gave me a legit headache at parts whereas performance mode just runs nice and buttery smooth. Makes me really have low faith in this next generation if upgraded last gen titles are already too much to handle at a stable framerate and whatnot

  5. Matt has brought up how impressed he is whenever a game has reflections in tons of videos because of how hard it is to do. Now the most technically impressive version of reflections is in front of him in a giant open world game with tons of NPCs and stuff, and he undermines it. Very weird.

  6. It just hit me, Insomniac knew about the PS5 way in advance. The new suit for the game has the white that is now predominant in the PS5 and the game was used to show the PS5 new tech. It was ready to be a PS5 game.


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