Meet Anna Haotanto of the New Savvy | Inspiring Women | Style Theory


Meet Anna Haotanto of the New Savvy | Inspiring Women | Style Theory

“Everyone is a work-in-progress, I am constantly evolving.” Learn from Anna Haotanto of The New Savvy as she shares how to you look stylish and be financially savvy about it.

“Fashion freedom is having options, without compromising on style, in the most efficient way.”

With Style Theory, expand your smart wardrobe with over 20,000 designer outfits dry-cleaned, pressed and ready to wear! You don’t have to clutter your wardrobe with under-utilised outfits that you no longer love.

“To me, that is the beauty of Style Theory because I don’t want to think about when I wear a new dress, what happens if I cannot wear them anymore? Where do I store them?”

Leave room for new styles from Style Theory and complement your wardrobe without taking up new space. That’s the beauty of having an Infinite Wardrobe in the cloud.

Save prime wardrobe space for outfits that bring your joy! Like the #WomenOfStyleTheory, enjoy variety and wardrobe freedom without adding to the clutter when you rent, wear, repeat.

Rent unlimited designer dresses worth up to $600 each, for just a fraction of the cost. Subscription comes with free delivery, collection and cleaning.

Explore the Infinite Wardrobe!



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