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Here is my mini fall haul plus tips on how to find your style!! I’m giving my thoughts on how to look chic in the cold yes, but how to look effortless when you KNOW what is my style?



What I Am Wearing

– White Eyelet Top (old) | Similars from Saks Fifth Avenue: | ASOS:
– Ulla Johnson Rowen Trousers | Farfetch: | Similar from ASOS:

Mentioned In The Video

– Black Fringe Jacket (thrifted) | Similar from & Other Stories:
– Grey Herringbone Blazer (thrifted) | Similar from Everlane:
– Camel Coat (thrifted) | Similar from Everlane:
– Paisley Coat (thrifted) | Similar from Farfetch: &
– Mango Wood Beaded Bag (old) | Similar from Saks Fifth Avenue:
– Fendi Beaded Baguette Bag (thrifted) | Similars from Vestiaire Collective: &
– Dr. Martens Jadon Chunky Boots | SSENSE:
– Prada Chunky Boots | Farfetch: | Similar from Zappos: | Shopbop:
– Louis Vuitton Brogues | Similars from & Other Stories:
– Brown Croc Brogues (thrifted) | Similars from Shopbop: | Bloomingdale’s:
– Prada Brown Chain Loafers | Nordstrom: | Farfetch:
– Black Leather Cowboy Boot (thrifted) | Free People: | Frye:
– Ganni Western Boots | The Outnet: | MyTheresa: | 24S: | YOOX:
– Rixo Mixed Print Dress: | Similars from Farfetch: | YOOX: &
– Daily Sleeper Dress:
– Gold Necklaces | Missoma: &
– Gold Earrings | Missoma: &
– Gold Rings | Missoma: &
– Black Leather Trench Coat | W Concept: | ASOS:


This video is part sponsored by Farfetch.



  1. Totally agree with you. I always did "me" pieces, and I must have done something right as even young girls often come up to me to ask where I bought this or that. Many get very surprised when I have to dissapoint them with the fact that I often bought many of them 30 years ago. Trends always come back, and if one invest wisely they can have a really long and meaningful life😍. (If you can keep your figure and size🤣). Thank you for yet another useful and inspiring ideo.

  2. I have to say shipping is one thing I try to avoid because of the environment, local shopping for me makes absolut sense and living in new york why use shipping? I think it is for one person just wearing clothes a greedy thing to do!

  3. I have built up.a wardrobe of the type pieces you mean, things that you will love forever and are really YOU! I share a love for cowboy boots with you.I grew up in Texas so was almost BORN in them…they are the real me. I am a horsewoman so also feel comfortable in English riding boots since I rode in Surrey England with my British stepfathers family. I have silk Chinese jackets, silk Japanese kimonos, as my mother and stepfather lived in HongKong and Japan together before retiring back to England. I love British tweed blazers. I love suede and leather western jackets with or without fringe too. I love lace and satin blouses and shirts, the lace reminds me of my grandmother and the satin just feels delicious on my skin.Virtually all these things have deep emotional meaning to me,, reminding me of a person or place that I have loved and that have become a part of me. About half my special pieces are vintage…I LOVE finding vintage more than anything else, things were so well made in the past and fabrics were of much higher quality before mass fashion…I fill in with basics, but those special pieces are the stars of my wardrobe.

  4. I got a jacket from ThreadsUp and its a leather
    Sweater Jacket Color beige .. Leathet in the
    Front of the Jacket. Snap silver button .. It
    Looks like its Crop. Mybe a waist size Jacket
    It was ( $278.43 )Got it for ( $69.99 ) .. ☺☺
    About Two months Ago… ( Thank You for Your
    YouTube Channel. 🎆🎇🎉🎉💚💚💚💚💚

  5. I also love a good cross body bag, because the hands are free, and you don't need to think of forgetting it somewhere….

    Also, ivory is a much better color (for the face) because it's has a warm undertone, compaired to paper white. Big difference.

    I also don't like to wear dark colors in winter anymore. But rather what makes you happy: from white, to bright colors (red, yellow, etc). To give you some energy. (The only problem is finding bright colors in winter, it's harder than the usual dark stuff (black, blue, grey, brown).

    I also bought a pair of pants in two different colors (black, hazelnut). The cut was perfect and they looked so different you wouldn't know they are the same model.

    The paisley coat is so gorgeous. Looks like a jewel. Besides, the colors. And I looove paisleys. And the pink makes it even more feminine.

    Wow, those prada men's shoes with the golden broche….a bit different.

    When I was a teenager I used to love silver or so, gold felt to "adult" , too "standard" . Now I love gold and don't even look at silver.

    I always looked at quality, even at younger age. Better few items, and being in love with them. Plus, cheap stuff bores me in the start. I have shoes that are 20 years old and look like new, plus they are not out of style.

    3 things I wear reagrdless of fashion:
    – adherent tops with long sleeves (instead of shirts, shirts are also not warm enough in winter)
    – (flat) sandals all summer
    – mid-rise straight trousers with the upper part (esp. Back pockets) like in men's trousers.

  6. I absolutely love the trousers you have on but I will never be able to justify paying for a pair of trousers for $345.. so crazy for a pair of pants..but you left a similar dupe I'll go check that out..during covid I would never dare spend that amount on a pair of pants but like I said I will keep hunting for a less expensive pair but I do love them though 🙂

  7. Thank you Karen. I love your enthusiasm & have really enjoyed your videos 💙 My 3 : DM boots/shoes, chunky sterling silver jewelry/heirloom rings & military jackets.
    These have stood the test of time & I couldn’t imagine being without them.

  8. I am addicted to these three things for sure- a tuxedo 🤵🏾 jacket, booties with kitten 🐱 heels and altered old lady 👵🏾 dresses in midi length and bonus – cocoon shaped(draped) kimonos 👘 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Love the white wool coat! 👀🥰 My 3 staples are, 1)blue jeans, skinny and wide leg, then I dress up or dress down the jeans with 2) Sweaters, tee shirts, silk blouses, leather jackets 3) chunky shoes, platform shoes. I like shoes that give me some height because I am only 5'3" Oh and I like to mix silver and gold jewelry plain or with gem stones. I like very unique and arty clothing. Fun video!

  10. I just want to say THANK YOU for all the great advice you give! I’m new to your channel and actually just stumbled upon it because your video about how you & Michael met caught my eye. I to am in an interracial marriage…so anyway, your story hooked me and I just love your style so here I am completely addicted (okay, maybe addicted is too strong a word) but I have really enjoyed watching and learning from you. I’m not a huge fashionista but I do love looking cute and hip and you have really helped revive my sense of style. You’ve been so refreshing and the accent is bonus! LOVE it! Thank you! Have a great weekend!❤️

  11. Yet again another great video….. my 3 are Levi’s, leather every/anything – seriously and my natural hair, I’ve been natural for over 15 years and I love how my hair has changed how I’m perceived😉. I know my hair is a cheat so the last item are Gucci loafers. The most comfortable shoes I own, like walking on clouds ☁️.

  12. Woolrich has been around for years and their garments last for years if moths dint find them. Always in style because they are generally basic. I like to shop like I am going in a treasure hunt. Looking for a suprise at a great price


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