Misty's Country Cooking with Little Smokies and Mashed Tators.wmv


Misty's Country Cooking with Little Smokies and Mashed Tators.wmv

Hi welcome to my kitchen, Today I will be making a quick easy meal for all you busy moms out there.A liitle flavor and good for you. I hope you all enjoy this tasty little treat. Nothing like Little Smokies in BBQ Sauce, with some mashed tators and brooccoli to make a great night.



  1. So why is this lady claiming country Amish living? It's a complete lie . I just watched a video where a lady was interviewing her. She had on makeup ,a ball cap , jeans, hot pink shirt. This lady is completely fabricating her supposed Amish country life. I know damn well no Amish community would allow that. I should had known she was fraudulent when she didn't use egg. To dip meat in for chicken fried steak and over cooked biscuits. That's a damn shame to lie about dumb crap. We still would had watched ur video's. U could had said its a character u like to play when u cook. The video name is . Misty Prepper update and contest winner . Off grid with Doug and Stacy. I didn't even reconize her at first she looks completely different . Until she started talking her mouth shape an voice made me look twice. It's a damn shame.

  2. Misty I grew up learning to cook on a wood burning stove and the food was delicious. I really miss watching you. Are you going to be resuming your show? It would be great seeing you again.

  3. You people had the worst diet I have ever seen! Just because you work hard all day doesn't mean you clog your arteries with guck. That's why our great-grandparents and great great grandparents died younger than we do.

  4. Misty, Do you have a recipe for canning apple pie filling? I would like to make some and can it. I have made your strawberry jelly a bunch of times and I love it because it always turns out great!

  5. Hey Misty I have some Lil Smokies in the frig and a bag of potatoes, sounds like a good meal for tomorrows dinner, I know you have a family of 6, but do you often share with other community family cause you sure make some big meals. I am from a family of 9 children learned to cook at a young age and now I have only One of my sons still at home at age 23, But I still cook Big Too, LOL He fusses at me a bunch doesn't want to waste any of it so I freeze meals often from the leftovers! Love your cooking, recipes and techniques!


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