MS MARVEL LEAKS AND OFFICIAL REVEALS Avengers Captain Marvel Secret Invasion Easter Eggs


MS MARVEL LEAKS AND OFFICIAL REVEALS Avengers Captain Marvel Secret Invasion Easter Eggs

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  1. For her to be that young it's just a Halloween or costume party.

    She's much older and goes to a real party originally to get her powers.

    The time frame is also a factor here because captain marvel isn't really that well known to people in the mcu only the Avengers and shield she's more space based in the mcu so not sure how some kids would know about her alot to even make costumes or idolize her.

    The story doesn't seem to really sink up to her age or knowledge.

  2. Also, I didn't recognize that she's Ms Marvel when I saw your thumbnail, I just thought that she's just some Captain Marvel's stunt-double, but then again, that's how miss marvel begin anyway. 🙂

  3. the leak photos (in my opinion/idea) explained: that she was late from her curfew whils having fun during Halloween. She saw something she shouldnt see during her walk around the neighborhood, made her late to come home. Seeing how she’s an Asian character, her parents are probably very strict about curfew, so she asked her friend, the boy, to let her stepped on his shoulder so she can sneaked up to her room pretending not to be late.

  4. Among other progresses and steps that I’ve been making in my recent life, Marvel’s TV shows that will be arriving to Disney+ alongside the Mandalorian and whatever else Disney+ decides to create, well, I’m really excited for. Never in my life did I think that Marvel and Disney would decide to start producing shows for superheroes instead of throwing every single character into their very own movie. However, I do prefer this method. There are so many faces in groups in the Marvel universe, not including the ones bought recently from Fox, that even with the money they have might be difficult to organize. Either way, bring it on!

    I would be more than happy to receive the Infinity Saga Box Set, but good luck to everyone else of course 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  5. I thought it was obvious Disney controlled their own leaks. Disney is literally apart of the CIA unofficially. You get kidnapped and interrogated just for loitering at Disneyland.

    You didn't really think all these insiders were divulging sensitive info and walking as back into the same meetings with the same group of insiders the next day like nothing happened?


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