My reaction to the Black Lives Matter mural in Marvel's Tokenized Spider-Man


My reaction to the Black Lives Matter mural in Marvel's Tokenized Spider-Man

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  1. It's amazing how if you express an opinion one step right of center, you're censored, banned, called a WWII bad guy but if you're on the other side you can literally add names and slogans of racist organizations that have openly called for killing cops, killing white people, burning, looting, destroying the nuclear family and it's celebrated as some kind of monumental achievement.

  2. The real question you have to ask yourself is how would Spiderman, any version of him, feel about the BLM riots? Do you think he would give a fat stinking shit about whatever narrative that BLM is pushing or do you think he would be a hero and stop people from killing each other and burning down local businesses?

  3. And this is why my ps5 is gonna either be put on hold or never gonna happen. This pandering bull crap for a terrorist group is all I need to know about the mindset of people behind this game and at Sony 👎. And best belive, this is just the tip of the iceberg 😤.

  4. By a show of hands. Who has been to a Blm protest? Ill bet a small, very small portion of you actually have. I have and you know what starts riots and looting? Police tear gasing, beating you and arresting your friends and family for protesting thats what will do it. Blame the fucked police system, not the protesters.

  5. I really don't care about this political BS as long as I'm not paying attention to it and just enjoy the game. Pandering among the sjw and the uneducated masses is an issue I believe that's going to continue to exist. That is until it's gets dried out and useless when these certain groups realize that they were being bafoons all along.


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