NEW DOTA 2 HERO INCOMING? – Valve Fall Update Breakdown Guide


NEW DOTA 2 HERO INCOMING? – Valve Fall Update Breakdown Guide

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  1. How dare they move previously paid, limited time content to a persistent paid subscription so that everyone else has a chance to get them. Absolute assholes. Also letting me get some dota plus features like hero leveling to level 5 without plus? how dare they not make it level 25. Can't believe they stopped it right before the great content is provided. I swear, its almost like they created one of the cheapest subscription services for a free game to make money off it! All without hindering gameplay while offering cool unique features and experiences. They can eat a bag of dicks /s

  2. I'd be happy if they just all out give all the voice lines and "In game currency" to be used by everyone not just dota plus members. Pretty sure, implementing just this will increase a lot of new players. Take a look at league of legends, any cosmetic can be bought using in game currency and the sets are actually VISIBLE.

  3. I am not as tilted at smurfs as i used to be… But literally every game on Australia or SEA is full of them. Big issue is yhe queue times for Immortals being 1hr+, so they smurf down, Divines smurf down as a result etc etc. I am even doing it for the first time… And for the first time I am hardly playing Dota. It's got stagnate and games are completely random depending on what the smurfs main mmr is. Not as bad when I play on US servers – no where near

  4. The smurf heroes perhaps it's complicated heroes, and not many low ranked has a knowledge what they do to counter that smurf heroes.Like meepo, morphling, arc warden, even techies, i forget one more, 'Tinker'.There's a people head hard as rock they wont do if i told suggestion what you should do that. Even i tell the mechanic reason they don't want to listen.

  5. Well the important is Tools effect since Gem market kinda dead cause tools.Now tools more easy to get. it's cool.And Valve seems desperate to drop players, so they have to make system more friendly and fun to player, since smurf is have much impact to players.

  6. Speed: It would be better if Valve updated DotA with new patches and content oftenAlso Speed: They are jebaiting us to pay for DotA Plus (money they will prolly use to push out more updates)

  7. If everyone (free to play and plus) can get the same things, then why would anyone purchase anything?I have Dota Plus because it’s a way for me to support the game. I get enough hours of entertainment value out of Dota in a month, that I find the 4 bucks a month to be reasonable/cheap. That said, As someone who does have Dota Plus, I find it frustrating that the legacy sets are now available to everyone, that kinda takes away from the value (exclusivity) of having Plus. Also, their haven’t been new sets added in some time, so the legacy needs some help.An improvement I’d like to see is region/language locking, and banning VPN use. It’s a team game, and it’s pretty damn hard to have a successful team when only one or two of you speak the same language.

  8. First regarding new heroes: they announce the new hero or heroes at TI with the mixed match before the finals for fun, and then they release it around November.Second about Dota Plus: Dota is a f2p game, and let's be honest one of the last ones to implement monthly payments like these because it what makes them the most amount of money.For the last section regarding smurfing/boosting: It's damaging beyond repair the game, Dota is in decline of new players because being an old game which means the ranked system is reachign critical mass according to the skill of the players, which means that when a new player comes in feels like joining into an FPS game like cs and having a full team on the other side loaded which cheats, it will ruin their experience which will push them away of the game, the people that plays dota isn't new, it's the people that has been playing for a long long time, if they don't get rid of boosters/smurfs they won't get more players.PS: Git gud, we've been waiting for years for a half life 3 game, we wait several months for a csgo operation, you can deal with a couple of months without a dota patch when a global pandemic has disrupted operations, don't be impatient speed.

  9. Its kinda dumb that we cant have the battle pass voice lines (holy moly, moo, etc.) if we dont have dota plus, i paid for them, and also i grinded my 300 levels. I dont wanna buy dota plus bc i dont think its worth it.

  10. You can’t talk like that i play dota time to time with my friend sometimes one meepo comes in destroys us in that point i don’t wanna play dota any more because that valve is working on that you should understand that not everyone have time to watch there replay of one meepo is just destroying them

  11. There's a theory that Spectre is actually the future PA… after PA accepts the contract with Oracle, she gets the Manifold Paradox and starts killing infinitely… which makes her foget everything about her.. just think about their abilities.. they're kinda the same.. so if Spectre gets an arcana we might find if the theory is true! And don't forget about the fact that the Manifold Paradox can cut thru reality and be used to travel through time, kinda like Time Lock… so its possible for PA to meet herself as Spectre.

  12. Valve should make sentry deniable by all team mates not just a person who bought it. I mean its not fun to play with supp carry and when they didn't get farm they start to put plant sentry in our own jungle camp.

  13. I think the thing that kills the fun most is the toxic behaviour. MMR reset-Boosters-New heroes. Yes they are important but unfriendly players make it impossible to have fun or win or at least a "tried our best" game. I dont care if there are 1M players online if they are not friendly people. I would rather have a smaller community with nice people. We teach and learn from each other. and have a lot of fun.


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