New hair style, how much did I cut off?!? 🙈🥳😝


New hair style, how much did I cut off?!? 🙈🥳😝

Hey guys
So I managed to get a hair appointment yesterday so figured why not film the before and after?
Also may have turned myself into a cartoon during this video dunno why just looks cool (in my opinion lol)
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  1. I once had long ish hair not like down my back but it was like a mop 😂😂 and when I grew up a bit, I was like, you know what I really don’t like this look! So now I have my hair short with a kind of long ish fringe I guess! Sort of going for the Steve Harrington look from stranger things 😂😂😂 just more tidy 😂😂 but anyway it’s always nice to have a change!! And your hair looks cool!

  2. Hey, we just started a non profit organization for cancer patients. Can you please help us by sharing the cut hairs so that we can make wigs out of it and distribute among the needy people. Thank you 😊. Your hairs can be reason for their smile ☺️.
    For more information please Contact us at
    Instagram: happy_hair_organisation.


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