Next-Gen Marvel's Avengers and DLC Delayed – IGN Daily Fix


Next-Gen Marvel's Avengers and DLC Delayed – IGN Daily Fix

Marvel’s Avengers just can’t catch a break. After a lukewarm reception, the game’s next-gen versions and upcoming DLC have all been delayed. And speaking of things being delayed, don’t expect any new StarCraft 2 content like War Chests. Blizzard did promise to continue providing support for the game’s eSports scene. And if you’re browsing Disney+, you might notice a warning in front of some content; Sydnee explains what that means. It’s your Daily Fix!

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  1. Mixed feelings about the next gen being pushed back it defiantly needs to be pushed back because this current gen is a load of bull, however I'm bow stuck with half a game that is invested with bugs and no endgame content. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. I actually really enjoyed the Avengers, up until now. I’ve got 4 characters up to Level 50, Thor Power 150, Iron Man power 130, and Cap America and Black widow both around 100. I was looking forward to some new content, and also playing the upgraded game on PS5 at launch. Hearing this news that they have delayed both, has me finally stopping playing the game. I’m one trophy away from the Platinum, just need the 30 Hive missions, but right now I just can’t keep playing the same thing over and over again any more.
    I was enjoying it, but it’s really getting boring now, with very little variety of play.
    With this news, I really see it going dead fast, which is sad to see….

  3. Having played the game at launch, it should just be stopped. It's nothing new. Everything pulled from looter shooters and grinding for gear mashed into this mess of a game, plus mentioning all of the bugs it had and has.

  4. This is what happens when you decide to have two different Hawkeye’s as the first two heroes.

    Leave a like if you agree for this Avengers game nobody asked for Kate Bishop. Clint is a given but Personally I didn’t ask for two Hawkeye’s before anyone else.

  5. They should make a new gamemode where you can fight other online Players with your favorite heroes. I think some people would buy it just for that. I know I will! 😁

  6. At this point, they should really just cut their losses on Avengers. Next gen versions will just result in a short-lived influx of players. Nothing will be enough to overcome the initial lukewarm reception.


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