Origin of The Zombies: Marvel Zombies Resurrection Part 3 | Comics Explained


Origin of The Zombies: Marvel Zombies Resurrection Part 3 | Comics Explained

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Marvel Zombies is a five-issue limited series published from December 2005 to April 2006 by Marvel Comics. The series was written by Robert Kirkman with art by Sean Phillips and covers by Arthur Suydam. It was the first series in the Marvel Zombies series of related stories.

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Origin of The Zombies: Marvel Zombies Resurrection Part 3 | Comics Explained

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  1. Hopefully, they won't go the generic route and end the story by infecting everyone. It's a pet peeve I have with zombie stories(mainly the alternate reality superhero stuff). They have to be unnecessarily bleak. Poor Peter has been through enough, no need to turn him into a zombie.

  2. In Thor 2020 #6, we saw Thanos with Infinity Gem Mjolnir and Knull's gauntlet leading a bunch of zombies. This comic implies that these brood Galactus zombies are going to invade the multiverse. What if those zombies are the same?

  3. The brood was able to infect galactus and implant their eggs in him to create a cosmic brood race….The brood defeated galactus?This is galactus we’re talking about?What kind of pansy devourer of worlds is this?

  4. So I really like the idea this series is pursuing. The concept that a new strain of brood parasite is creating the undead is actually creative. And being a massive Spider-Man fan, I like that he's at the Forefront of all this. But it's painfully obvious that this series is Marvel's attempt to soak up any attention that DCeased has garnered. I still like it. I still want to see how it ends. But I feel like the writing throughout most of this has been pretty shallow. I mean I thought of more creative ways to write out the events of the first issue. Though I am happy they brought back MJ in the end. Personally I think they should bring miles into since his fate was not really elaborated on very much. But one thing that both this series and DCeased as done that I genuinely don't like is their habit of introducing characters into the series and killing them off within the same page, or during the same series of events. Examples from this series are Forge, moonstone, The Punisher. Examples from DCeased would be Blue Devil, ragman, and Roy Harper. And let's not even get into the inconsistencies throughout both series. How many times is Johnny storm going to have his head crushed and yet he's still around? My assessment is that the series is definitely not perfect but it's interesting and have a lot of potential. Frankly Speaking we need to see more of what happened in the in-between years. What was this resistance that Moonstone talked about that involved the Bucky? That's what I want to know about I want to see Spider-Man actually fighting not running away and crying.

  5. I think its dumb how his healing factor gets overtaxed. But because it does I like to think if the adamantly was removed he would be able to heal from anything. It is like give and take. Also it is dumb because in the original marvel zombies EVERYONE was turned into a zombie it is to fuckin complicated and not cool anymore. And the rules were changed.

  6. my theory for franklin not turning is do to possibly his body's immune system fighting off and it being tied to his powers since being a mutant means he has an x gene that is like a biological connection to that reality warping power

  7. The explanation behind the "virus" is really creative and perfectly explains how some of Marvel's best would be infected by it. Also, I'm betting that Wolverine will eventually use his sense of smell to see them Daredevil-style and fight them

  8. So if the Marvel Rez Zombies started multi-verse hopping would they have a knock-down drag out with an alternate version of original Marvel Zombies? Would make an interesting one shot. 🤔

  9. Maaaaan, first Galactus had to deal with the Black Winter, now it's the Black Spring. I hope Black Summer and Black Fall go alright for him; he's been having a hard time lately.

  10. I like the concept , its pretty interesting and surely elevated The Brood as a threat in Marvel Landscape if they capable of that. Especially with Mutants have the control of The Brood now. But i still Dceased concept with the anti-life equation is better.

  11. I think it being the brood is a pretty cool way of adding to it. A plain zombie infection has been done so many times it’s nice to see something like this. Makes more sense then the anti life stuff dc did.

  12. I’m guessing Peter turned the kid into a universe whining out final solution mega bomb by having franklins power be stored up inside him constantly acumulayimh at an infinitely expanding rate his body being able to contain it until no otions are left kinda like the half-shell of beryllium was meant to for the demons core.

  13. I mean at least it's not so vague? Dunno how tf Sentry even got infected last time and the loop was so stupid it explained nothing, this is kinda..eh? Maybe they should leave the zombie stories to DC


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