Peter Drury Liverpool already know Everton's major weakness


Peter Drury Liverpool already know Everton's major weakness

Liverpool already know Everton’s major weakness and will have a specific plan to target it

The groan around Anfield was almost deafening. Liverpool was desperate for the three points, and Virgil van Dijk slicing a shot into the night sky in the 96th minute during a 0-0 draw was not what the home crowd wanted to see.

But wait. What’s this? The goalkeeper could’ve steered the ball into the Kop but instead, he’s pushed it onto the bar and back into play. And Divock Origi has followed van Dijk’s shot up and is on hand to head the ball home. Liverpool had won the derby, with Jürgen Klopp running onto the pitch to embrace the first player he could find.

Kopites have enjoyed laughing at the misfortune of Everton over the years, but Liverpool’s winning goal in 2018 was surely the funniest derby moment ever if you happen to be of a red persuasion. However, it’s far from the first catastrophic mistake Jordan Pickford has made since he signed for the Blues in 2017. According to Opta, he has made 11 errors which have led to Premier League goals for Everton’s opponents, the most of any player for any club since the start of 2017/18.

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  1. Come on stop making the striker DCL is world class. It’s four games in and everyone is talking like Liverpool are finished. Let’s talk in December and see who is higher in the league.

  2. Doucoure "we want to destroy them." Got to say, if you're going into a derby, you might as well be confident. Personally, I don't think we will destroy them like Villa did; I'm going for a more conservative 4 . 1 win.

  3. I guess all Liverpool fans should just laugh looking at the combine 11 and doucoure’s deluded statement 😂😂😂 Just wait for the excuses when Everton lose the game tomorrow


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