PHASMOPHOBIA THE MUSICAL [by Random Encounters] (feat. NateWantsToBattle)


PHASMOPHOBIA THE MUSICAL [by Random Encounters] (feat. NateWantsToBattle)

These ghost hunters are about to become the Hunted… Special thanks to NWTB ➤

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Scratches on the walls…
Sulphur in the air…
Salt spread in the halls…
Sonic sensors set upstairs…

The doors are clean,
Our EMF is green-
But something tells me
The night has just begun…

PHASMOPHOBIA! (The temperature’s falling…)
PHASMOPHOBIA! (Are one of you calling…?)
PHASMOPHOBIA! (Cameras rolling…)

Water in the sink…
Footprints in the salt…
Someone here, I think,
Had a taste for the occult…

In your proximity.
Hey, look alive, guys,
The party’s just begun!

PHASMOPHOBIA! (This thing’s aggressive, and it’s eager to kill!)
PHASMOPHOBIA! (If it’s a demon, then it probably will…)
PHASMOPHOBIA! (No time for games! Call out its name!)

Something isn’t right…
Where did we go wrong?
Let me see your light-
Were these prints here all along?

I’ve got a view
Of ghostly orbs near you.
But watch your back, cause
The hunt has just begun!

PHASMOPHOBIA! (All the evidence points to one fact:)
PHASMOPHOBIA! (We’ve got a Poltergeist who’s on the attack!)
PHASMOPHOBIA! (Say its name! Say its name!)
PHASMOPHOBIA! (…say its name…)

What could we have missed…
Every page a waste!
Another ghost exists,
Quite unlike the kind we’ve faced.

It’s freezing cold
And several centuries old!
It leaves both prints and orbs,
Or so I’ve long been told…

Burn all your smudging sticks,
Destroy that crucifix,
Put out the candle wicks,
And once you’re done…

PHASMOPHOBIA! (Noah Walker, you will meet your end!). HUD: (LOUDER!)
PHASMOPHOBIA! (Noah Walker, you’ve murdered my friends!). HUD: (AGAIN!)
PHASMOPHOBIA! (Enter this place! Show me your face!)
PHASMOPHOBIA! (Noah Walker!)



  1. well just for fun, lets use what we find in the video to figure out the ghost

    you see the fingerprints 2:16
    you see EMF 5 3:15

    now the last one is slightly more difficult with cases being made for everything: fear of the crucifix of a banshee (hence destroying it) 3:21 , the ghost writing on the wall of "I LIED" as revenant 3:17 , or even falling temperatures earlier in the video 0:53 and referenced to freezing temperatures at 3:11

    the majority of those point to it being a banshee with the crucifix and freezing temperatures.
    If anyone has anything else to add let me know

  2. Surprised to see a non-comedic song from y'all, but I'm not complaining!

    Also, assuming that the "I Lied" counts as ghost writing (and is referring to the ghost orbs), then it's probably a Revenant

  3. Fingerprints and EMF5.
    Now, I feel like there're 5 clues and makes this impossible to resolve.
    They say that there's freezing temps, but later we could say that the ghost was talking to them through the spirit box and also we saw "I lied" written.
    So, a Banshee, an non-existent ghost or an Oni.
    At first I thought it was a Revenant… which could be if there weren't freezing temps

  4. My best guess is a wraith

    It no footprints were visible when the uv light was shone on the salt

    It left fingerprints

    They mentioned the temperature dropping (although it was never mentioned if it was below freezing)

    They mention the ghost activity going up and it permanently increases when a wraith steps in salt

    They never tried spirit box so it could easily be an option

  5. I believe this ghost is a revenant because of EMF 5 and Prints, and the didn't bring the ghost writing book I believe so they wouldn't be able to identify it. I Think ghost orbs was a lie from the ghost, and that this ghost is a Revenant

  6. Sorry about this but I have done the game and like to say 3 things that was wrong. Or make it 4.

    1. The ghost can't kill you from inside the trailer that you start in.
    2. When the ghost is m manifesting itself, the radioes wouldn't work.
    3. The ghost kills by going behind you and grabing your neck to break it to kill you.
    4. The ghost sure can cut the radio audio, but can't do it's own voice in the radio channels for the player to hear.

  7. It was a Banshee!! EMF Level 5, Fingerprints, and Freezing Temps. The "Ghost Orbs" could only be seen in the van, and the van guy was dead, so that evidence is flawed. Plus Banshees hunt a single player until they're dead, and they're scared off by crucifixes (thus why the ghost wanted him to break it.)


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