PowerPoint Presentation Design Tips | How to Design PowerPoint Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation Design Tips | How to Design PowerPoint Presentation

With these easy PowerPoint presentation design tips, create a presentation that will have a positive impact on your audience.

How to design PowerPoint presentation?
Here are the seven easy PowerPoint presentation design tips that will assist you to create a compelling design for your presentations:

1. Know the Purpose of Presentation: Of the PowerPoint design tips, this tip is a key one, as it lays the foundation.

The three broad purposes of a presentation are to inform, persuade or train. The purpose could also be to entertain.

If you have a clear idea of the reason for the presentation, it will be easy for you to design.

2. Use a Readable Font Size: When you think of how to design PowerPoint presentation, let this tip be always on your mind.

Your audience will lose interest if the text is not readable. And, the goal of the presentation falls flat.

At a minimum, use a font size in the range of 21-25 points.

3. Don’t Present Paragraphs: It is one of the PowerPoint presentation design tips you should always follow.

It will be difficult to read and comprehend paragraphs in a presentation.

Break large blocks of text into points. Ensure each point does not have too many words.

4. Use Sans Serif Fonts: Research has shown that sans-serif fonts like Helvetica or Verdana are good choices.

Limit the number of fonts you use in a PowerPoint presentation to a maximum of three. Too many fonts will distract the reader.

5. Use Images to make Content more Useful: This tip is the star of the PowerPoint presentation design tips.

A proverb says “a picture is worth a thousand words”. An image can replace many words and powerfully present the message.

Wherever possible and feasible, reduce or replace text with a relevant photo or clipart.

6. Use a Color Theme for the Entire Presentation: To give a professional appeal to your presentation use one color theme.

You can choose from a number of PowerPoint color themes for your design.

7. Use Graphs to Present Numerical Content: Here is another of the PowerPoint presentation design tips: Graphs and charts can present data better than text.

If you want to create and retain your audience interest, you should use graphs and charts wherever feasible and possible.

The design of a PowerPoint presentation is its backbone. Use the seven PowerPoint presentation design tips to reach your goals.



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