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Hi everyone! I’m happy to be bringing you today’s Pregnancy Style video! In today’s video, I’m sharing all of my favorite cute outfits for pregnancy and some of my go-to tips for dressing stylish while you’re pregnant. You don’t have to sacrifice style for your bump – if anything it’s even more fun to play around with new outfits with a big ‘ol belly! I apologize in advance for how many times I say “accommodate your bump” 🤣but I mean, that is the goal right? I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo

Grey Button-up Dress:
Striped Fitted Tank Dress (got my normal size):
Michael Stars Fitted Racerback Dress:
Leith Fitted Dresses:
Amazon Tank Dress:
Amazon Tee Dress:
Fitted Knit Free People Skirt:
Orange Crop Top:
(2 piece set) Floral Off Shoulder Top:
Floral Midi Skirt:
Maternity Bike Short:
Pink Midi Tank Dress:
Articles of Society Maternity Jeans:
Chain Link Short Necklace:
Leopard Espadrille Mules:
Slip on Sneakers:

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Hi, I’m Liv! I’m an Ohio girl living in a California world with my baby boy, two fur babies and husband. I make videos on motherhood, fashion, beauty, fitness, and overall health and wellness. Some of my favorite videos to make (that you’ll see a lot!) are baby essentials, haul videos, lookbooks, try on videos, and style/beauty favorites. I LOVE to shop, socialize, hang out at the beach, and spread love & happiness. I pride myself on being an optimistic person and believe life is too short to be anything other than your happiest self. Welcome! ♡

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  3. My one question is, won’t your non maternity clothes stretch? And if they do, then after birth you’ll just have to buy every day clothes again. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think by the third trimester it’s safe to say get some good maternity cloths, especially if you plan to have several kids, you can save them for the next pregnancy. Just my thoughts. Nice video though and love the outfit 😂

  4. omg girl this has reallyy helped me feel super confident in my outfits moving forward. First time mom and my bump just popped, and I've always been pretty skinny/fit, so I've been struggling with what to wear and didn't want to really invest so much $$ in maternity clothes. I LOVE the idea of fitted dresses and high waist skirts since I wore a lot of these pre-pregnancy 😊

  5. Very helpful. My baby bump just kind of hit me out of no where and I've been struggling to find some cute maternity outfits. Thinking of planning a major haul🥰🤰🏿

  6. What size in the Blanqi maternity shorts did you get!? I'm 140 lbs and pre pregnancy was 129 ish I read that they are made rather large though. Not sure if I should get a M or S! They looked so cute on you 💗☺️

  7. I love the dresses. Unfortunately, i have a lot of hips and these dresses look terrible on me non pregnant…make my hips look massive….so I’m sure pregnant will do the same

  8. Love this!! I swear by wearing regular women’s dresses while pregnant instead of spending a ton of $$ on maternity! It’s worked out great for me so far in my pregnancy journey. ❤️

  9. Thank you so much for this video! My bump appeared during this lockdown and I've been living in my husband's clothes 24/7. Now there's talk that we'll be heading back to work right before I'm due and I have no maternity clothes that I can wear in the office! Your tips are a life saver!


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