REMOTE Desert Fishing!!! (Trout Catch & Cook!)


REMOTE Desert Fishing!!! (Trout Catch & Cook!)

Trout fishing in the remote desert, then visit a special spot where we finish our Rainbow Trout catch & cook. Mountain Trout catch clean cook camping will be tough due to snow in the mountains, but there are plenty more fishing adventures we will do this winter. Enough said – kick back, enjoy some desert fishing, and a delicious catch cook Trout with a surprise at the end.

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  1. NWFishing, Taku brought me to your channel! I’ve subscribed and will be doing a deep dive into your videos this Sunday!!!!!!!! Heck yeah man! Please keep making videos and I actually really like your collars with Taku! Super stoked and look forward to watching your videos real soon!😍

  2. That eastern Washington area is a funny place. It's a real weird landscape. In regardless to buying that land – that plateau is probably worth it within itself. That was a really cool feature.

  3. Hey man I’m from Wales a little place by England I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and I can say how much I appreciate and love your videos I never comment on people channel unless I’m really touched I’ve been to America a couple time and you guys have such an opportunity to fish and lots of different options I can’t thank you enough for supporting me through this tough time I get exited every time you post and it just fills me with joy btw what’s this land about has it got ponds on or lakes would love to be able to get a reply but I get how hard it is with all this success you’ve got stay happy man stay blessed and ignore any horrible comments peace

  4. @NW Fishing Secrets, you said you might travel south to fish and if you coming down through Oregon you should definitely
    check out some of these lakes:
    lake timpanogos
    Hills creek reservoir
    Crescent lake
    Elk lake
    Twin lakes (cascade lakes highway not the coast twin lakes)
    Foster lake
    Smith reservoir (off the Mackenzie River) smith won’t be open until April 21 and that’s right around spring which is when you said you might be going to California

    These are most of the lakes I’ve fished and they are awesome!

  5. I found your channel and LOVED IT!!! 👍🏽 I started a women fishing channel just recently called “Pink Pond Princess” 👸💖🎣Trying to load more content and learn from other Great channels like yours!!

  6. love every damn video of yours…I wish you will visit India, uttarakhand state for catching golden mahasheer….i just brought a fishing road and learning fishing from a week but no catch in high current mountain river 🙁


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