Simple House Design 3 bedroom (7x8m)


Simple House Design 3 bedroom (7x8m)

Simple House design 3 bedroom (7x8m) – 3D Presentation of a simple small house design in the Philippines.

Hello guys this video gives an overview how will your Simple 4x5m (20sqm) loft house will look like in the process of building a Small house. This small space house of 4x5m (20sqm) house plan havr

+3 Bedrooms

+1 Toilet and Bathroom

+Living Room

+Kitchen and Dining Area

The house design aims only to give and share my simple ideas for my subscribers and viewers’ future houses. All images used are for illustrative purposes only and are intended to convey the concept and vision for the house. They are for guidance only, they do not necessarily represent the true and accurate depiction of the house because during construction process it may become necessary for alterations to be made to the specifications or improvements could occur resulting in changes of sizes.

Floor plans are intended to give information and guidance only. ALL IMAGES AND DIMENSIONS ARE NOT INTENDED TO FORM PART IN ANY CONTRACT TO ANY PERSON. I just want to share my ideas and passion to my viewers. 

If you like my design please hire an ARCHITECT in you place or country. They will provide you everything you need and give you more tips to make my design much better. Thank you :).

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  1. 7×8 meter n Yan ilang square meters masasakop nyan sa 120 square meters na lote tanong Lang po ngustuhan ko lng po kc ung style nya Lalo na ung toilet at bathroom kc bukod cla Pati ung lababo n hilamusan Sana po masagot salamat po

  2. Animation is good where anybody can understand. But, it's too small for the kitchen area also the master's bedroom don't have it's own comfort room to hassle to go out especially at night. Needs Improvement.

  3. Yo tengo un espacio de de 6mts X 6mts tengo planeado hacer 2•piso. No creo que me quepan tres habitaciones lo mucho solo dos habitaciones. Me gustaría saber si los planos los tenés en algún PDF para poderlo más a la mano el diseño. En lo particular a mí me gusta el diseño de la casa.

  4. that design uts not god imagine ur master bedroom is near to main door idiot design if u have a visitor in living if u can take a shower wow nk privacy bullshit


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