State of Origin Pressers: Brad Fittler & Damien Cook – Game 3 | NRL on Nine


State of Origin Pressers: Brad Fittler & Damien Cook – Game 3 | NRL on Nine

Brad Fittler and Damien Cook speak to the media after losing the 2020 State of Origin series. Subscribe 👉 NRL News👉

NRL on Nine is the home of rugby league in 2020 so stayed tuned for more NRL highlights, analysis, opinion and video.

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  1. This is one of the best NSW teams in years. As a Queenslander, I thought NSW played very well and they can hold their heads high. With a few minor differences in the game, they would have won. Easily.

  2. Being from NZ, watching Origin since 1989, it sux to see a winner takes all game so inconsistently refereed. As a fan of RL I just want to see the best team on the day win and the referee to have minimal impact on the outcome. The biggest inconsistency in this game was the play the ball ruck area. One team was allowed quick play the balls, or resets, and or penalties. They were allowed to commit multiple foul plays, to bully the ref into making poor calls, and to make a joke of RL as a "who puts bums on the seats" must win BS sport. Meanwhile the other team was consistently allowed to be interfered with at the play the ball, killing any momentum or go forward. Be interesting to see the tackle restart count and penalty count up to the 75min mark was.
    Its impossible for me to say the best team won in game 3 as the f_kin ref was biased and ought to be banned from ruining Origin again in the future.
    The comparrasion between Munster being KO in game 2 vs Teddy in game 3, was Queensland folded and NSW fought to the end. NSW ought to be given respect for their courage and the balls to keep fighting, although they were effectively managed away from having any fair shot at winning.

  3. They cant try and turn it into something sinister with what happened to teddy, arrow had no idea tedesco had copped a head knock as far as he was concerned it was like every other tackle from every player out there. Niggles in the ruck. Arrow was the first to raise a hand and call for assistance when he realized

  4. You know whats funny.?… these are all mostly queenslander fans in this comment section and i know one thing for sure.. they are smiling and gritting their teeth knowing full well…….

    They Cheated….

    with the ado kick and holding them down for too long in the last couple of sets.. everyone saw there had to be a 2nd sin binning….. even the queenslanders knew that… hahaha.


  5. So a question about Jai Arrow bumping Teddy, Why is it a lack of respect? He clearly didn't know he was out cold, the moment he realized his emotion went straight to concern. If Freddy is saying it's a lack of respect because Teddy was out, I don't understand that. Had Arrow known of course he wouldn't have slammed Teddy after. OR is Freddy saying it's a lack of respect because of Teddys' high standing in the game? If so, that is 100% BS. I've seen stars bigger than Teddy cop way worse. Granted they were conscious lol. But that is besides the point. How many times in a game do we see players giving a bit extra after the tackle, at least 10 times a game, probably way more. That's the nature of the game and it comes with the territory. It should not be classed as disrespectful depending on the person you do it to. That's straight up the definition of discrimination isn't it?


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