Stencil wall painting design Asian Paints | Time & Money sa🏡ving


Stencil wall painting design Asian Paints | Time & Money sa🏡ving

Asian paints Wall Fashion stencils for every painter or designer or diy talented persons for all interior category people to do work easily.Its very low price 1 box price is 1200rs only.Its is very Easy to do.I am using 1″inch masking tape but you can use 2″inch paper tape also for sticking stencil on wall & after You took Asian paints Royale luxury emulsion for coloring .Don’t mix water in it apply paint directly with the help of 3″sponge roller.It is perfect wall stencil techniques .I give each and every ideas as shown in the vedio. frnds while i am doing a new design I took differnt doing methods.Choose one of your easy way in my vedio then you can do it easily.I share my ideas for who has interested in work.Because i Have no Teacher to learn all these 3d designs.I felt lonely my previous 10 years,but at the age of 9 i am small artist in my school i have some idea! but at the age of 30 how it will be.Coment below your thoughts frnds…
Nobody can teach Art Easily frnds.i Know who is reading this you have some talent brothers try to improve,Hard work beats talent!! Do design 10 times but one day you will defenetly catch it .Do for your future…But I can teach u all methods in my youtube vedios…Learn DHERE DHERE SIKHNA HAI!!! Thnk u All and Luv u…
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i hope u enjoy all these vedios.


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