Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song (Official HD Music Video)


Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song (Official HD Music Video)

You’re watching the official music video for “Interstate Love Song” from Stone Temple Pilots’ album ‘Purple’ released on Atlantic Records in 1994. Order your copy of the Purple Super Deluxe Edition here

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The Stone Temple Pilots channel is the band’s official YouTube home and there’s no better place to get lost in their expansive catalog. You will find all their official videos right here, encompassing everything from their classic 1992 debut album “Core,” to the rebirth experienced on their seventh studio album – 2018’s critically acclaimed and self-titled “Stone Temple Pilots,” the first project they completed with new lead singer Jeff Gutt. 2019 will find STP writing the next chapter in their storied career with a new album, so be sure to subscribe to keep up with all the latest updates.



  1. One thing I enjoy about being a teen in 2020 is how easily I can find this type of music, and understand the culture. I can also find a lot of others this way easily. Yes I know there was internet and shit in the 90's but it's so much more relevant now days!!


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