Store Guide – DON'T BUY NOBU in War Store – MARVEL Strike Force – MSF


Store Guide – DON'T BUY NOBU in War Store – MARVEL Strike Force – MSF

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  1. Horrible advise. If you are new f2p, get Symbiotes, Phoenix, and Blackbolt. 7* Hela takes a long time. Too much needs to be farmed in campaign. You should absolutely farm Nobu in war store until you have 7* Phoenix. I quit using power cores for energy. I use them for isotope orbs instead.

  2. What about war store orbs. I just logged 120 days and I have never spent any of the elite war store credits. Should I use them as needed or just continue to hoard them?

  3. Maybe a video that shows the top 5 or top 10 characters to promote them with gold credits? I love your videos watch you everyday on twitch, keep up the good work, and thanks for everything! 👍👍👍

  4. That was really helpful especially the raid orb rational and letting me know that Gravitron isn't a big deal. I opened him in a mega orb for 50 then been buying from War store. At level 66 they gated me a Hero campaign 6 which stops me from beingable to farm Hela and complete my Asgardians. Thanks you Destroyer of Words

  5. For asguardians my problem is i litteraly cant get those purple materials that are only available to purple gear orbs without spending money which i am f2p any advice?


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