Street party takes over Liverpool ahead of citywide lockdown


Street party takes over Liverpool ahead of citywide lockdown

Crowds of revellers gathered outside Liverpool’s pubs after last call, one day before the city’s new COVID-19 restrictions took effect. 

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  1. 17 thousand cases a day will blow out to 34 thousand cases a day before the end of the year. Clearly no one in the UK or the US is taking it seriously. Wait till the real lockdowns begin, with nightly curfews and restrictions on movement. We have had to put up with this crap for months now in Australia but with daily numbers down to 20, we will be the ones partying at the end of the year while the UK and Europe suffers from self inflicted lockdown.

  2. Well maybe they should have been doing more early on. You expect the world to stop living their lives for over 8 months now, what do you expect? People need to live, people need to work, The show must go on! Hopefully you have a strong enough immune system that if you do get it you can fight it off and there are precautions you can take but you expect us all to be prisoners in our own homes for how much longer?

  3. I am Korean used to be studying in the region. It seems like the youngsters don’t have any hope for their future.There have been a number reports other negative effects those who recovered from covid 19 in South Korea. Freedom is to be shared with other people based on responsibilities.

  4. Now I don't know anything about biology, virology, immunology, bacteriology, biochemistry, morphology or mathematical exponentiality, but I think… what if the government just want to stop me going for a pint because they want to sort of control me, or get some money for me staying at home or something…?

  5. As powerful as the media control and censorship has been, there are just too many brave whistle blowers, too many independant real investigative journalists like Anna Brees and James Corbett, too many good brave honest people are not following the fear narrative of "this all ends when we get a Vaccine. You think we don't see the money changing hands? You think we are not learning about Serco and track and trace, oh we are, and many will be held accountable for the pain you've caused

  6. Strange that liverpool has a high infection rate when everyone is doing there best to stamp out the disease
    I think it's right that liverpool should independent from England and build a big wall around the place 😂😂😷


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