Sugar Cookie Makeup Look | Coolasice Makeup


Sugar Cookie Makeup Look | Coolasice Makeup

Hi everyone, today’s look is inspired by sugar cookies I couldn’t find that much makeup videos to me it’s looks neutral. the palette I’m using is a Claire’s palette with eyeshadow and blush, for eyeshadow a peach shade as a transition shade, a light brown 1 shade darker than my skin tone in the crease and lower lashline, a dark brown on the outer corner, a light purple eyeshadow from The Color Workshop on the inner part of the eye, a white with shimmer on the inner corner and browbone, any neutral palette with the same tones will work. for eye primer I used the Hard Candy one. for blush I took the same Claire’s palette that I used a light colored blush pinky peach, for lip gloss LA Colors pout shiny lip gloss in Smooch. sugar cookies can be enjoyed during the holiday time there are frosted ones vanilla I can wear this neutral look all year round Happy Holidays. ❤
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