Taiji – Chen style broad sword


Taiji – Chen style broad sword

demonstrated by Wang Xian 王西安, Henan

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  1. what are those swords that are 5 inches wide and are 8 decimetres long on one side and 7.5 decimetres on the other? Some people call them broad swords, but what are they called?

  2. @Bemap30 for real. Chen Xiaowang or Chen Zhaokui put this to shame. Not saying he's bad; he might have some limitations I don't know about or it might've been a bad day, but yeah, this looks sloppy.

  3. "floppy" swords are for demonstration. For regular practice a heavier sword is better, because the floppy sword may show more movement but it can also give you a false sense of the quality of your fajing. The heavier sword is less responsive and so the fajing must be more correct to get results. Many people, including masters use floppy swords in demo or tourney, but i personally refuse to use one, and i have done quite well in tourney.

  4. I would say the so-called 'floppy' sword has its advantages. It feeds the perception of Taiji principles — there is rigid inside soft. Most of us thought that soft weapon is disadvantageous in battle, but it is only true in war, in which another kind of less soft sword requiring both hands is used. Indeed softer sword allow force to focus on one spot and give huge damage among contact. I think if people want to testify it, try and feel how the force goes.

  5. I don't think he is sloppy, and i think many of us has fallen into the slow motion trap. The sword actually is not as soft as we might have thought. Unlike straight sword, board sword attacks and defends both with the sharp edge but not the all four sides. So you can see the board sword is much boarder but also thinner in order the increase the strength of one plane only. As a result you could see the sword only bends left and right but not forth and back.

  6. that looked really sloppy imo. he was literally jumping from the balls of his feet into xie bu. all his guards were off too.

    also, the floppy swords are for training. it's how you know you're generating force. if you're using a real sword, it doesn't make noise on straight thrusts and you don't know you've done it correctly. it why you gotta use a floppy at tourneys. 🙂

  7. agreed that gets on my nerves i know you can flex and bend a metal sword to your advantage in a fight but man do they over do it!!!! lol that rubber thing so flimsy it would it would work better as a whip lol

  8. yes why is it actualy that all these swords are made of some metal that could as well have been rubber? I mean are there even swords around that are not that floppy? Seriously, anyone?


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