Terraria 1.3 Mobile ALL MOON LORD WEAPONS! | Damage Guide! | NEW WEAPONS TIPS & TRICKS | PS4


Terraria 1.3 Mobile ALL MOON LORD WEAPONS! | Damage Guide! | NEW WEAPONS TIPS & TRICKS | PS4

Terraria 1.3 Mobile ALL MOON LORD WEAPONS DAMAGE GUIDE! Terraria 1.3 Mobile version is OUT NOW! Go battle the Moon Lord and get your hands on all his AWESOME loot! In this video we do a damage test with all the new Moon Lord weapons and I give you some tips and tricks for some of them!


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  1. Which MOON LORD weapons are the best when you're new to Terraria 1.3? Let's do some DAMAGE TESTS and find out! Is anyone staying up to battle the Moon Lord today? HYPE! 😀 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

  2. I have an op Strat against the moon lord,you need a set of tiki armor to get a loooong stardust dragon,and a house for your nurse (make sure it is far away from any npc room or house,you wont want the moon lord killing them,do you?),remember the dialogue the nurse said? "I Don't give happy endings",SHE DOES GIVE HAPPY ENDINGS,repetitevly heal from the nurse,while the stardust dragon is doing all the damage,when the health from the nurse is getting low,go outside for a few seconds to let her heal herself,recommended to get a bed inside of the house so that you can magic mirror your way back in,many projectiles can be ignored with heals,any phantasmal deathrays can be blocked using any solid blocks,eventually you will defeat the moon lord EZ PZ,it made fighting him realyy boring


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