The Best Base Design In Unturned! (In My Opinion)


The Best Base Design In Unturned! (In My Opinion)

I talk about the best best design for a vanilla survival server.
Shorter video than usual, next video is going to be another installment of the In Depth Series for those of you who enjoy that.
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  1. this base doesn't work. rarely ever will raiders attempt to make it through the walls with charges. people use nykorevs or dragonfangs. however once they reach the first set of counters, they will most likely use charges, which will blow the stairs. in order to make it the BEST base possible, you should put empty metal counters on the first floor so raiders will try to blow them with a charge, destroying the stairs. also, raiders don't use charges on doors. that's only shown in roleplays to make it seem more realistic. raiders will destroy and door or doorway with a high caliber gun.

  2. you could put spikes and barbed wire on the roof so nobody is able to land on it, that way the only way to really raid it is to throw grenades or shoot rockets at the traps, using up explosives. oh, also, have a metal hatch.

  3. You could have two attackers in a helicopter one flying one gunning, the gunner could use a rocket launcher or high caliber gun to shoot the side walls out and umbrella into the middle of the base to easily get the loot and get out

  4. The problem is with making big courtyards and huge walls with floors, is that I find that admins constantly just delete these bases, as it takes up too much space. I usually settle for a small honeycomb because of this.


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