The Best Sugar Cookies to Decorate with Royal Icing!


The Best Sugar Cookies to Decorate with Royal Icing!

If you´re curious to see how I make my cookies, and how they keep their shape, well look no further! I use a common recipe but have made a few simple tweaks to make these delicious, no spread cookies a sure hit!

My favourite part is that it calls for brown sugar, it gives it so much flavour and a beautiful golden colour. These cookies are great for decorating with royal icing as they can be handled and transported easily without worrying that you´ll break them but still maintina a softer bite! They aren´t too sweet, so once they are iced, they taste amazing.

Watch until the end so you can get all the tips I´ve learnt to get those perfect cookies.

The recipe is by Lila Loa (with a few tweaks of my own) and can be found here:

If you´re looking for my royal icing recipe, you can find it here:

This recipe can also be flavoured with any of your favourite extracts or emulsions. Lots of popular ones almond, lemon or a mix of both!

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Thanks for watching & Happy Baking!



  1. I'm really looking forward to trying this recipe. Thank you for all of the helpful tips and tricks. I've never made a cookie to decorate so I'm hoping you'll have a "how-to" for that too. Thanks so much!


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