The Vortex — Arrest Bill Gates


The Vortex — Arrest Bill Gates

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  1. He has a good point I've not been able to understand of the political left either: they go against racism in their nation, but they use brown and black people in other nations for their research projects. All under the persuasive argument of "science for the good of all."

  2. May God intervene and protect the lives of the poor and helpless. Acting on putting behind bars BG & his cohorts for playing on with people's lives.

  3. I get all of this but Bill Gates is connected to some powerful people. For him to be arrested, I would have to see it to believe it… but I’m all for him getting arrested or giving him the vaccines he’s trying to give the world

  4. Let's pay Bill back with the same generous gift he got for all of us ~ FREE Mandatory vaccines for FOR LIFE.

    Give him and Fauci the 15 BILLION doses that they ordered (TWO of) for each one of us.

    Yeah! 👍 And let's do our own trial and see how many people STOP DYING after we boycott un-safety tested vaccines and reverse the 1986 vaccine liability exemption !!!!! 🤔

    There sure as heck won't be any "SECOND WAVE" that's for flippin sure!!! 🙌

    Millions would need to die this winter in order to fulfill their prediction and avoid looking like total fools.

    What do you suppose these characters have rigged to avoid losing trillions and all credibility?

    Any Ideas?? __ 🤔💉💭

  5. These billionaires know very well the real population science: world population will top at 8-9bn in 2050 and then starts to decline. There is no moral nor scientific criteria for ’too much population’. There is no population crisis.

    Their true motive is satanic. A large mass murder / genocide is a sacrifice to their ancient pagan deity etc. This will be a prelude to the arrival of their dark messiah, man of sin or antichrist.

  6. Arrest all Luciferians who want to destroy all God's creatures, including Humanity, and suicide them right after, no Mercy! Amen 🙏 🇺🇸

  7. We need more Against him? In his speech he said “ to get P to 0 we must meaning population? It’s Abomination to test and inject them with Cofid 19 ?

  8. It seems that Bill Gates is not just a murder but also very racist. It seems that he is attacking the country’s of colour first. He needs locking up.

  9. The Floyd Riots and mayhem and racial animus were devised and put in place to thwart the growing resistance for the vaccine the globalist Elites have planned. They will continue to create problems along race to keep the US off balance and when the time comes use the military to push the vaccine.

  10. That Italian politician was 100% correct…. he's a DEMON and must be watched CLOSELY for now, and probably arrested and thrown in prison later when he starts his agenda.


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