These FOUR Styles Suit This New Car PERFECTLY!


These FOUR Styles Suit This New Car PERFECTLY!

This Car Looks Good In So Many Styles! Eastern European ex Soviet Yugoslavia Yugo style car. Lore friendly in GTA 5!


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  1. 10:53 omg are u kidding me, thats litterally what my Yugo looks like at the moment, no bumpers with front lip and steel wheels, only mine is fully stripped inside (rally car project) and mine is blue lol

  2. The trucks and weird cars that have very colourful parts, i'm pretty sure have versions that aren't super colourful. Most of them have a mad max post-apocalyptic version, a weird colourful version and a strange sci-fi version. (They were all added for the arena modes in online)

  3. My favourite car from this video would either be the third or second build, I love the 'tuner car/show spec' look of the third build, but the ratty-ness of the second one, especially with the damage, looks really cool also. Can't decide between the two. Also, anyone kinda getting Mk 2/3 Golf GTI vibes from the third build, or is it just me?? If someone has made a lore friendly version of a Trabant 601S, that'd be amazing to check out. One of the best looking cars to ever come out of Soviet East Germany, in my opinion. Kind of looks like a coomunist version of a Ford Anglia..? Fun fact about that car, the body panels are made of recycled cotton resin called "Duroplast" as the communist east didn't have the resources like the west, so they had to compromise. Steel framing and a 'plastic' body. Credit: @typicalstevenn on Instagram, he's the owner of a crazy, custom SEMA spec MK6 Golf GTI, and now recently as of the 5th of August 2020, a 1986 Trabant 601s! Such a cool story behind why he decided to buy and import the Trabant into the US. Parking 🙂


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