Thor (MCU) VS Captain Marvel (MCU) | BATTLE ARENA


Thor (MCU) VS Captain Marvel (MCU) | BATTLE ARENA

THOR – 0:19

Today in the Battle Arena, well we’ve got two of the most powerful Avengers from the MCU going head to head! Thor is taking on Captain Marvel. So who’s coming out on top here? Well lets find out!



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  1. Against Thanos, Captain Marvel started to overtake Thanos and tank his headbutt because she was absorbing the power of the gauntlet. Thanos realized this which is why pulled out the power stone. Brie Larson even says CM can absorb energy in an interview:

  2. Only reason she took that headbud from thanos and didn't phase is because if you watch the movie in .25 xp than you'll notice not only thanos was weak but captain marvel was absorbing the energy that gauntlet was releasing that's why she was so strong same reason she destroyed thanos's ship, ship fired at she 1st hence powered her up Thor is clearly the winner

  3. No Thor would be crushed by Captain Marvel. Remember this is MCU version and not source material version (or actual version). MCU version Captain Marvel is way above Thor. Look I hated to say that and as much as I dislike Captain Marvel (Marvel/MCU) but again this is the MCU version and Captain Marvel is just way to much for this version of Thor. Oh and fans need to stop being silly and butt hurt as I have said this version of Thor is just not that tough and from what the MCU has shown Captain Marvel is just more powerful period. True fans of the comics (source material) know that Thor is way above her outside of the MCU. Plus Thanos also was pretty much beating Thor, Iron Man and Captain America all together and would have killed Thor. Yet Captain Marvel alone would have ended Thanos. Thanos had to use the power stone to get her off of him. I mean damn how much evidence do you need. The facts are the facts and as much as a hate to say it Captain Marvel is the strongest MCU avenger.

  4. I hate the way how marvel is giving many other stupid characters like captain marvel a massive buff. Kevin feige should respect thors strength because he's literally a Norse god.

  5. I think Captain Marvel wins and by a good margin. I hate that that is the case but that is how she was made in the MCU. As many have stated, in the comics she is not even close to that power level.

  6. Thor is the better character. Thor has better durability feats. Thor should be more powerful but the context of the movie’s implies that Captain Marvel (or I should say Brie Larson because while she looks way cooler with her mask on insists on everyone in the audience knowing it’s her) is more powerful. Thor will kill her if he lands a blow with Storm Breaker but she was supposed to be the Superman of the MCU apparently. I mean they purposely show Thanos head butting Thor sending him flying right before she takes one like a champ. I don’t like it and apparently neither do the majority of fans. She needs to be depowered or at least should wear her mask while binary. She does look cool then and wouldn’t come off as look, look, look at me everybody I’m the best because I’m a woman. She would’ve looked bad ass and nobody would care if she was a man or woman.

  7. ……..oooohh, noooo, another video where people who don't like Captain Marvel, get to shit on her. Captain Marvel whips out an entire army of ships single handedly, no-sold a headbutt from Thanos, Thor can take the full force of a star, and held back a blast from the Infinity Gauntlet. Problem is we don't know THIS version of Danvers' full power. Once we do THEN we can "officially" say how powerful she is.

  8. It's interesting how you'd reject Carol winning in a potential future fight between the two because of 'politics' and 'feminism' yet claim Thor would win based on empirical feats — even though the former would be evidence of the latter, so…

  9. Honestly, we have done a fantastic job of breaking down the intricacies of heroes and villains powers that I didn't know existed. I'd listen to you while I'm at work even though I can't watch the videos I listen. Thank you for bringing this kind of value to people like me. I love discovering the powers and uniqueness of the marvel and DC universe. Perhaps I can contribute in the future and recommendations. You've already done Hulk versus Juggernaut I believe which is one of the most monumental encounters. I appreciate you for bringing so much value.

  10. Dont care. Thor is stronger. Feige submitting to vag power is the only reason he said she was stronger.Scarlett witch has more potential. Thor is stronger. Danvers has more HER oic ability.

  11. Thor got his ass whipped, and I love Thor. I don't think "gods" workout either. Thanos was slowly burning Thor with the power stone so he could get the other stone. He blasted the hell out of CM with the power stone by surprise. I don't know why people have such a problem with Captain Marvel. There both ridiculously strong.

  12. I'm glad you were objective. No question that Thor can beat captain marvel in the comics. With MCU , Thor should be able to beat her as well. The only way Captain Marvel can beat Thor is if the writers give in to the SJWs lol.

  13. People need to remember this is the MCU versions of these characters fighting. Not the comic book. In the comics we know Thor got this. In the MCU, C.Marvel is way more powerful. This one is kinda tough to decide because both MCU Thor and C.Marvel fought Thanos head on and held their own and in certain scenarios appeared to over power Thanos. This is gonna be a hard fight. This fight is gonna come down to whoever makes the first mistake, but then just really can't rely on that either.


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