Breakdown of the state of the game update for today (16/10) for Marvel’s Avengers.

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  1. Sadly the game is dying on Xbox. I had high hopes for this game, but having a hard time to fill the lobby to get the daily bosses with other players for 2 days in row now now. Too little too late.

  2. The devs are liars,this game would never have been released when it was if they are dedicated to quality first lol ive never played a game that has sooo many bugs and the tachyon rifts are embarrassing. Disgrace even

  3. I'm sticking with the game – looking forward to the next few months.

    I'm not a heavy gamer I've only leveled thor and for me the game runs good – I'm not about farming I was lucky and farmed decent gear in early access.

    Many other aren't getting the same experience

  4. didnt mind the bugs, didnt mind the performance issues, dont mind the delays…. but if they are going to focus the new content to be raid type of stuff that isnt playable solo, and it seems like they are, im out. i do not enjoy when my enjoyment of a game is depends on other people. running PUGs is toxic and only being able to play content if i have enough friends online and playing when i am is just annoying.

  5. Delaying Kate till next month is a bad move with people getting distracted by the new console launches and anticipated games like new Assassins Creed, WatchDogs, COD, Spiderman: Miles Morales and of course Cyberpunk2077. I know I won’t be giving much attention to this game that’s why I was hoping, like many that we could spend some time with Kate before this month ends.

  6. I'm honestly getting tired of them now..this is just non sense…spider Man, horizon zero dawn, cyber punk, dmc 5 se, AC Valhalla, watch dogs legion, godfall and many MANY more games are coming out within the next few months..they played themselves

  7. 5:06 "I gotta tell Maddy you said yes! Seriously… you're the best

    Seriously… you're the best

    Seriously… you're the best

    Seriously… you're the best

    Seriously… you're the best

    Seriously… you're the best

    Seriously… you're the best

    This.. is amazing!"

  8. I was only really looking to see when the Kate Bishop release was going to be.. now it’s delayed there’s so many new games coming out at the end of this month and next, I can’t see the community sticking with it.. it’s a shame really..

  9. Such bullshit weve been starving for content and they try n soften the blow w a gift of resources but then push back the content weve been waiting for the tachyon rift was 1 semi new site, and rest are jus flash back missions w the time thing added dam, i really try n not to complain but w all the shit goin on pushing back the first month dlc is big mistake,

  10. Me and a couple of other fellers on reddit dont have the tachyon mission showing. I meet the min requirements. Anyone know how to address this issue? I've loaded old saves but didn't work. Thanks in advance!

  11. Sad, really really really…sad for the delay of Kate. Guess I'll move into some games, I won't leave Avengers but, it just sucks…BUT after the patch notes, it gives me hope. I wish they were more communicative. These long instances of white noise gets me all nervous that Avengers will another on a long list of looter shooters to fall into ambiguity.

  12. I still can't access any of the new content missions I can go to the sub station but none of the new missions load to the map. I did the hard reset and uninstalled the game still no fix. I open a support tkt explaining everything and received a response telling me to do a hard reset and uninstall then download again SMH. It'll take a super hero effort for this game to survive past the end of the year

  13. I honestly don't think the Kate Bishop DLC delay is because of any problems. I personally anticipated it's delay and my speculative reasoning is around the fact that competition is really really strong over the coming weeks and November. A single character and maybe a mission chain simply isn't enough to keep players invested during October (as originally scheduled) through to November. And come November MANY will leave for Destiny 2's big new update and of course the big fish of the pond CyberPunk. Players already starving for content would likely had devoured the Kate Bishop content and then put it down to play all else released. The delay at least keeps the game relevant much like a remora when deployed alongside the sharks like Destiny or CyberPunk and many others.

  14. Wow Crystal Dynamics way to be the next Anthem. You can't follow your own release windows AT ALL. Delaying a character that's already complete too. Your team is taking a game that could have been the next big Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and just completely failed, straight up face planted right at the beginning of the game. I might as well just go back to playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on the Switch because at least they got they're game right, mostly.

  15. I Can’t help but notice there is still no mention of a fix for the players still missing a skill point for Ms. Marvel. It wouldn’t bug me so much If I hadn’t allocated the point and then it disappeared (from the skill that gives the 20% defense on her support). Even the ability to respec the points would be ok until they get a more permanent retroactive fix, so at the very least We could allocate the points around the issue. Thanks for the video, I genuinely appreciate the info and your input on said info in all of your videos.


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