WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL | Skincare, Health & Wellness | Callie Hagen


WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL | Skincare, Health & Wellness | Callie Hagen

Welcome to my lifestyle channel! I upload videos every Monday covering skincare, beauty, health, wellness, and general lifestyle topics. Thank you for watching!!

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  1. Thank you for starting this channel and help others with acne. I have been dealing with adult acne since I was 35. So for 12 years now. I never had much trouble in my teens. But now my 16 year old daughter is having issues with acne. Her Dr put her on BC pills too. She has been on them for a couple months but is kind of afraid of the side effects. The pills have helped a little but she is like you, she has no clear diagnosis to target. It is very frustrating for her. We have tried many skincare options and she gets disgusted very easily. Hopefully your experience can help her out some.

  2. 🎊Congrats🎊 it’s a big step to commit to your dreams.. keep the videos coming. I have angry skin too & it’s funny ur dr says ppl with oily skin age better.. because no one believes I’m my age..I will always remember that.. thanks for sharing!

  3. I am starting my YT channel as soon as i get my camera next week…im so nervous/excited! you have motivated me to just do it! I have been wanting to do this for so long too and I just need to get started 🙂 thanks for motivating me and i can't wait to see more of your stuff ! Alice x .

  4. I have dealt with acne for years! It got much better but then I had some undiagnosed medicical problems and ended up being on 8 weeks of IV antibiotics. While on them, my skin was so CLEAR! It was perfect, but ever since I have been off of them, my face has been terrible. Worse than it has been in forever. So I was wondering if you know much about probiotics because I'm thinking the antibiotics killed all my good bacteria and that's causing more acne. I am currently experimenting with probiotics. Maybe you could incorporate the topic into one of your videos! Also, any tips on how you are getting so many views? I recent started my own channel.


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