What Dota 2 role fits your personality?


What Dota 2 role fits your personality?

In this video, Jenkins talks about the most important personality trait required to be truly successful in each role in Dota 2.

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  1. This is all very interesting stuff but idk if it's really that cut and dry. I've seen mischievous 5s empathetic 1s, I'm sure there's something to this whole esports psychology mumbo jumbo but I don't think your personality is a requirement to play a position to its full potential. I think commitment, critical thinking and gamesense are way further up there.

  2. THEY SET THE META, YOU FOLLOW THE META.The amount of times I've joined a party and someone mentioned: let's just pick pro meta heroes and then proceed to feed and fail because they didn't play that hero in the last 50 games.

  3. i became support because i was literally frustrated that all support on my team were literally acting as carrys and never played thier roles. But at some time i became attached for support role…

  4. Carry = CalculatingMid = Confident/ Borderline CockyI actually think this is the exact reason why Miracle moved to carry position from mid laner. Idk how to explain but if you watch a few of his games as mid laner it becomes pretty clear.

  5. I’m usually calculated but also very arrogant/cocky. I also know a lot about heroes since I read a ton of dotapedia website(I’m crazy about dota). lolz, which role do I play?


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