Why Bill Gates Needs Philosophy, Morality, and Principles


Why Bill Gates Needs Philosophy, Morality, and Principles

This video was created by Christian Jackson, Taken from YBS: Bill Gates, Big tech & AntiTrust; Is Capitalism Killing You? Streamed live October 14, 2020. You can see the full video here

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  1. I think he puts up an act to protect from bad pr which might cause loss to shareholders. He knows it all and has given up that's what it is, not naive or cluessless about what's moral.

  2. I don't think its accurate to say the man does not have principles. In the domain of ethics, he is clearly a pragmatist, but in the domain of business and computer programming, he's a genius. Principles are a kind of generalization, and there's no way you can produce the way Gates produces without a firm understanding of the nature of business and programming.

  3. Yes but you see in order to be a good person Bill Gates had to stop creating opportunities for hundreds of millions to lift themselves out of poverty, like he did at Microsoft , in order to run a non-profit. Huh?!

  4. "It's envy" wouldn't be a very good response in this situation. There is justfied anger related to the fact that the government irrationally shut down and destroyed thousands of small businesses which drove revenues towards the big tech giants.

  5. I was a computer programmer and technologist during the 80’s and 90’s. The assertion that Gates and Microsoft wrecked havoc during that time is ridiculous. They took a confusing array of small competing utilities and incorporated then into their OS making them free. They brought standardization into the industry without government and standards organizations mandating them. Microsoft brought many innovations into technology that I can list some of which I know. They had weak products sometimes at start but iterated to good and superior ones.

    Their “crime” in browser competition was favoring and making free their browser in their products. Sun Microsystems chose to bring the government force in rather than compete.

  6. It is my opinion that Gates is hiding behind a friendly, caring good guy facade in his video appearances.

    He wreaked havoc in the industry throughout the 80s and the "Browser Wars" are barely the tip of the iceberg. I would even argue that as a result of his time at MS, the of first decade of this century were doldrums that they were for PC users.

    Aside from that, quite a bit can be garnered from his DOJ deposition in 1998. He demonstrated very cagey responses and took advantage of the interviewers ignorance of the minutiae and specifics about software. That interviewer did start off by asking Gates for dictionary definitions key words of relevance but even that turned into an exercise in frustration.

    On one angle, if I was in Gates's shoes, I might not be so forthcoming and helpful in the DOJ's effort to prosecute and/or fine him. After that, MS made sure to start hiring more lobbyists than before. After Gates moved on to focus on what he calls philanthropy, it's a bit more challenging to convince people why some people have good reason to carry a sense of disdain for this person.

    I also suspect that he would not mind adversely imposing on others if it benefitted his own interests. That's why I am suspicious about him having ulterior motives. I don't believe or support any of the "mark of the beast" conspiracy theories. No need when theres plenty of real stuff to reference.

    Anyways, I appreciate your objective analysis on this TV appearance. I don't think he has any genuine principles as far as what we are shown.

  7. Bill gates and epstein : "the two first met face-to-face in January 2011 at Epstein's Manhattan residence, and that Gates visited the townhouse at least two more times, meeting him as late as 2013". Idk Yaron , epstein was a convicted pedophile by 2008. He doesn't put money above principles ? So , did bill gates see epstein as a means to money for his philanthropy while knowing he was a convicted pedophile?


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